Note: Classes are only available in QuickBooks Online Plus.

Okay, you want to create a new class, edit an existing class or delete a class you previously created. But you don’t know where to find the Classes menu?

Here’s how you do it.

  1. Click the gear icon and then click All Lists.

2. The Lists screen will appear and you will have a selection Classes. If you do not see the Classes selection then you have not turned on classes. Go here to turn on classes.

3. Click Classes. If no classes have been setup you will see this screen. Click the New to create a class.

4. The new class screen will appear.


5. Give a name to your class. For this purpose we will use Test Class. Note that a new class can be a sub-class.

6. Click Save.

7.  You screen will now show any classes you have created. We have only the one which we just created.

8.  If you ever need to edit the class name or even delete the class, you would click the Action drop down arrow as select either edit or delete.