Some ProAdvisors are starting to inquire about their basic QBO Certification expiration because they thought it was time for renewal (re-examination).

Intuit previously announced that they were in the process of re-writing the ProAdvisor Certification Examination for QuickBooks Online and that a new exam would be available in 2018. When you think about it, the fact that QBO changes almost every month means that it has undergone major revisions over the course of any one year. That was the fundamental basis for requiring new certification each year for QBO.

Rather than have people who already took the 2017 exam re-take the exam to continue their certification Intuit chose last fall to ‘pause’ expirations for ProAdvisor who completed the current QuickBooks Online Certification examination on or after its’ release on October 21, 2016.

When the new QBO ProAdvisor Certification Examination becomes available, Intuit will provide a minimum of 90-days for Certified ProAdvisors to complete the new exam before their current certification would expire. It is estimated that that time frame should be July of 2018 for completion of that process.

So, if you took a QBO Exam and got certified or re-certified on or after October 21, 2016, rest easy, you have a little bit longer to wait to take the next (new) exam to keep your certification.

For more information about this topic, see the official Intuit website .

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