Intuit ProConnect Tax gives you the flexibility of the cloud to work on returns and coordinate with clients from any online device using a web browser. You can easily collect client documents and automate your data entry using Intuit Link, a secure online portal or by directly importing client data that automatically maps to tax return fields from QuickBooks Online Accountant.

And the software offers pay-as-you-go pricing. That means you pay only for the tax returns you need with flat per-return pricing starting with as few as 10 returns. Pay only when you print or e-file a return.

ProConnect Tax streamlines return preparation with more than 20,000 automated calculations and 21,000 diagnostics to maximize accuracy. In addition, it provides access to more than 5,700 federal and state forms, giving you what you need for individual and business returns.

By flagging missing data fields, you can identify gaps before filing. As a result of streamlining this process, it allows you to collect missing data faster and more efficiently. That means you will get to the phase of reviewing, finalizing and e-filing returns even quicker.

And there’s more. ProConnect Tax enables you to request and share documents and easily apply them to the tax return. Intuit Link is a secure online portal that makes client data collection faster and more organized.

Clients can securely connect to each of their financial institutions to obtain their documents without sharing their confidential passwords with you.

All the while, your dashboard is keeping track of what is missing, what has been requested and what has been submitted in response to those requests. You can import the client’s data directly to the appropriate fields within the client’s tax return, eliminating manual data entry for the most frequently used forms, including 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1098, 1098-T, 1099-R, 1099-MISC, 1099-B and 1099-G.

The ProConnect Tax built-in document management feature means you can store uploaded documents and view them as you do the return and download them if needed. In addition, you can customize your requests for tax information based on the previous year’s information. This means you can only ask for what’s relevant to each client’s situation.

Your clients will appreciate that kind of personal touch rather than the typical global request for a stack of documents.

Of course, what would an Intuit tax program be if it did not work with QuickBooks?

Intuit ProConnect Tax has streamlined client accounting and tax preparation by giving you a single dashboard to manage both your accounting and tax clients. That’s one reason why in our (End-of-Year) Checklist for QuickBooks Online Accountants, we emphasized ProConnect Tax.

In addition, its Prep for Taxes feature keeps your data synchronized between QuickBooks and ProConnect Tax, saving you time by avoiding duplicate data entry, further streamlining tax form preparation.

And when it comes to e-file returns, the e-file dashboard lets you view the e-file statuses of all your clients, meaning you will have access to see status, filter, sort and check for rejections. Critical e-file information, including status history and submission ID, also are available in the Tax Hub.

In addition, you can control who can e-file returns from your Primary Administrator access. The convenience of eSignature on all forms and documents help you offer clients more convenience in preparing forms for e-file.

By the way, ProConnect Tax also has incorporated 1040X e-file and transfers originally filed ProConnect data to amended returns to help save time in preparation of an amended return.

Intuit ProConnect Tax gives you the flexibility of the cloud, streamlines your workflows, giving you the best in tax preparation software and incorporating more online integrations than any other Intuit tax product.

Find out more about Intuit ProConnect Tax at its official website.

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