We now are two weeks into the six-week period in which nominees who have successfully met the minimum criteria for this year’s Top 100 and Up-n-Coming ProAdvisor Awards process get access to the 2023 Official Application Form.  

That means 33% of the open application time period has elapsed, and fewer than 25% of all nominees notified of their eligibility have actually taken the time to complete this year’s application form.

Let me say this: I have heard from a few ProAdvisors who have completed the new application form. They have routinely been eligible to fill out only the “short form” the past several years. They mentioned how much work it was to complete a full application.

At least a couple ProAdvisors have sent emails saying changes like asking questions about certification dates with a “before or after a specific date” answer option simplified the process over past years, where you had to know the exact date for each certificate.

Another thing ProAdvisors appreciate this year is the ability to start working on the new application form, save their progress, and then return it after finding information needed to answer specific questions. In the past, they would have to start from the beginning.

Each year, there is always a rush to complete annual application forms as we approach the deadline. I would like to caution you against taking that approach this year.  

Remember, everyone is required to complete a full application this year. There is “no short form” for anyone. Why? The new form is based upon an entirely different survey platform that has the scoring built-in rather than applicant answers being exported for scoring. 

In addition, the new platform uses significant artificial intelligence to “turn on” questions specific to additional areas of questioning for the various categories that make-up our awards framework (QBO, QBD, QBO-ADV, QBD-Enterprise, QBO-Apps, QBD-Apps, Niche-specialty, CAS/BPO, Social Influencer, Educator/Writer, Up-n-Comer).

I want to encourage everyone to at least begin your formal applications as soon as possible. Try to complete the first few pages of general information, and at least identify if your answers to those questions are triggering any additional areas you may need more information for. 

At the same time, be aware that some of those specialized areas do have criteria that require more specialized information, like specific certifications, before the related questions are activated within later pages in your application form. 

Nevertheless, I want you to be as ready as possible. That’s why this is as good a time as any (if you haven’t yet) to read my series on “Getting Ready for Top 100” (many shown in the related features below). There are nearly 20 articles covering almost every aspect of the process, including the new formal application sections.

Lastly, remember that Formal Applications will close at 11:59:59 p.m. (PST) on April 26, 2023. This is just as when qualified nominees receive notification they were cleared to proceed in the application process.

That deadline will not, and can not, be extended if we are to announce this year’s award recipients by “Scaling New Heights.”

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