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So Transcard is a 10 year old company that offers embedded payment solutions that make it easy for businesses of any size in any industry to make, receive or manage their payments.

Our solutions integrate with any legacy accounting ERP or system of record, including QuickBooks Online. We integrate with any existing bank account that a company might use today, so there’s no need to set up an FBO or sponsored account.

We offer tailored workflow solutions for any payment application such as claims payouts, or freight payments. And we support all payment types and all payment methods on a single platform, whether that’s real time payment, ACH, card payments, Zelle, PayPal, wire, or even cryptocurrency or Crosswater payments.

Today when it comes to dispersing funds, small and mid-size businesses are overwhelmed with manual processes. We recently did a time study with one of our customers. They process 550 payments per month.

That’s about an average number of payments for a growing company, and what we found is that by automating their payments, they were able to save more than 110 hours per month through automated payments.

And the reason for that Murph is that now there’s no need to download an approved payment file. No need to log into multiple bank portals. No need to maintain spreadsheets, to rekey data, everything can be done from one solution with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Murph, when you’re a growing company and you’re trying to find a way to free up resources to help drive revenue generating activities, well, electronic payments are a great way to do it.

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