Editor’s Note: In the continual pursuit of business as usual in the aftermath of the recent pandemic, there have been myriad lessons learned. To see how some of the industry’s leading professionals handled the situation, we asked our Top 100 ProAdvisors to share some of their insights. Following is another in a series of our conversations with them. Here’s Alicia Katz Pollock, RoyalWise Solutions Inc.:

What has/have been the most impactful change(s) you’ve made in your firm over the last 18 months?     

Hiring a dedicated marketing guy. Having one person dedicated to writing emails and blog posts, as well as revamping the look and feel of our LMS, has been magical. It also gives us someone dedicated toward long-term list building with a strategy, instead of just randomly hacking at our public outreach.

How have these changes impacted your overall business?   

Our QBO training membership program has almost tripled in just one year. If we can triple it again by next year, we’ll be well on the way to our long-term goals.

What were the most challenging aspects of implementing these changes? How did you overcome them?

Marketing takes a while to prove itself. The new guy had to learn who we were, our goals, our style, our strengths and weaknesses, and our tech stack and market research before he could even begin to promote us. We planned ahead to make sure we had the salary funds available as a cushion so that we didn’t overextend ourselves.

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