Here are a variety of sponsors at this year’s “Scaling New Heights” that can handle many of your more taxing solution requirements.

Sales tax is a mess, and Avalara is the best way to prevent or resolve the mess of sales tax.

Sales tax is not just a state-based tax; there are thousands of sales tax rates, rules and geographic differences that control how much a business must collect for this tax when they make a sale.

That’s why Avalara’s automated sales tax products, like AvaTax, compute sales tax based on location, item, legislative changes, regulations, and more.

Its automated sales tax management enables you to accurately perform in-house calculations of your tax without the burden of having to add personnel to track down rates in each jurisdiction, make changes to manual tax tables and try to stay current on regulations.

It also ensures that every purchase address is geospatially verified for the most accurate rates based on street-level tax rates rather than relying on less-accurate zip-code only rates.

But computing the tax, even knowing the right tax to compute, is not the only key to understanding sales tax. Thanks to a little thing called “Nexus,” you might just do a little bit of business outside your state, or so it seems. But even then, you still need to know what triggers nexus for each state in which you do ‘any’ business.

That’s because Nexus relationships and business activities vary from state to state. 

Avalara can help via its comprehensive Sales Tax Registration Service. If you are selling in multiple states in the US, or you plan on doing so, you can use Avalara to do all your sales tax registrations for all the states in one easy process.

These are but two of the solutions that Avalara can provide when it comes to tax problem-solving for your business. For more information, stop by the Avalara booth in the exhibit hall, or point your browser to the Avalara homepage.

GruntWorx is a tax automation and organization service that’s completely web-based, allowing you to be up and running in minutes.

With GruntWorx you can:

  • Reduce the time-consuming process of organizing the shoe-box of client source documents
  • Eliminate data entry with accurate data extraction and insertion into the leading tax preparation software packages
  • Save hours and even days of data entry by transforming trade details off of scanned brokerage statement directly into your tax software
  • Achieve the highest level of accuracy in a tax automation system without going offshore

GruntWorx offers a variety of products designed to meet tax preparation needs. For example, GruntWorx Populate takes the data-entry out of tax preparation by accurately extracting information from scanned client documents and inserting it into the leading tax preparation software, freeing preparers to focus on higher value activities. 

  • Patented technology identifies thousands of tax documents with best-in-class accuracy
  • Extracts data from scanned tax documents for import into the leading tax preparation software packages
  • Identifies, organizes and bookmarks scanned tax documents into a single PDF file that makes it easy to verify the accuracy of imported data
  • Secure web-based application that’s easy to use and easy to deploy within your existing workflow
  • IRC Section 7216 compliant

GruntWorx Organize takes the inconsistency out of tax preparation by standardizing workflow with consistently-organized tax work-papers. 

  • Automated process for organizing and bookmarking tax documents that fits easily into existing workflows
  • Recognition of more tax forms with greater accuracy than any other solution available
  • Intuitive web-based interface—no software to install and no training or set-up necessary
  • Absolute security: Its hosted solution offers the same advanced data encryption found in the most rigorous online banking applications
  • Edit and add tick marks or notes from multiple users

If you are looking to stop typing data into your tax software or chasing the paper in your office, while focusing your time on providing real tax value to your clients, stop by the GruntWorx booth in the exhibit hall. You also can check out the GruntWorx website for more details.

TaxDome is an all-in-one practice management platform for CPAs, EAs, bookkeepers and accounting firms. TaxDome allows firms of all sizes to streamline their practice by using one platform for both internal practice management (workflow, CRM, reporting) & for client-facing tools (documents, signatures, invoicing, messages). Every client, every email, every job, every invoice, all in one shared place for your team.

Tax Organizer for Every Situation — Corporate clients, bookkeeping clients, personal tax clients all require different question sets. Create different organizers to cover every situation your firm may require and ensure optimal client experience.

Workflow Automation — Workflow automation for the tax and accounting industry, allowing you to automate processes, have clear visibility into your work, and ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Use ready-made templates (bookkeeping, tax returns, payroll, resolution, and more) or create your own customizable, repeatable business processes that enable you to take your firm to the next level.

CRM — It can manage all your customers and associated contacts and quickly organize and filter for exactly what you are looking for. Everything you need to know to make progress on client work is all in one spot—readily accessible and impeccably organized.

And that’s just a start. If you want to learn more, head over to its booth in the exhibit hall. You also can point your browser to the TaxDome website for a lot more information.

 TaxExact is a patent-pending, cloud-based 1040 verification and review solution that modernizes the review process.

With an intuitive user experience and built in workflow, TaxExact improves efficiency and accuracy by independently verifying the results of a 1040 return and/or isolating errors and discrepancies. It also expedites the development of less experienced tax accountants, turning them into reviewers at an accelerated pace. There is no implementation or installation necessary.

TaxExact verifies the results of tax returns done with your existing tax software, it is designed to eliminate costly errors and reduce review time.

With TaxExact, preparers can either quickly create a TaxExact expectation before preparing the return or use it to check their work before sending the return up for first review.

TaxExact helps preparers isolate and correct any errors up front, teaching preparers the tax code behind the inputs and saving your firm avoidable and expensive time catching basic errors at the reviewer level.

TaxExact reduces final review time to an average of 15-30 minutes per return. Coupled with the confidence in knowing returns are accurate, firms improve realization when time does not have to be spent on corrections after the fact or addressing tax notices.

Let TaxExact explain how it can work with your existing tax software. To learn more, stop by its booth in the exhibit hall, or request a demo by pointing your browser to the TaxExtact website.

Taxfyle specializes in domestic tax preparation outsourcing to its network of more than 4,000 US-based CPAs and EAs.

Augment your firm to free partner and staff time. Its on-demand, work-routing platform can improve your job capacity and margins without increasing overhead costs. With no upfront charges, it will connect you to the internet’s accounting workforce.

Taxfyle’s domestic outsourcing augments your firm and creates real-time, quantitative, actionable insights for each return. Taxfyle is exclusively powered by tax professionals from across the United States, each capable of preparing the simplest to the most complex returns—all at unbeatable prices.

So, if your firm wants tax preparation assistance, talk to the folks at the Taxfyle booth in the exhibit hall. For more information, you also can check out the Taxfyle website.

Tax1099 by Zenwork is an award-winning, IRS-authorized e-filing platform that offers robust, tax filing capabilities. The Tax1099 eFiling platform is designed to make tax information reporting for 10 and 9 series forms easy by bringing together tax knowledge and smart technology to provide superior compliance tools to businesses around the world.

Its two-way sync, available for QuickBooks Online, Xero and Bill.com is just another in the list of accountant-friendly features, alongside its W9 & TIN matching vendor management tools and  workflow management solution.

Tax1099 has simplified the chaotic tax process into three easy steps, with 10-plus dynamic integrations, and 40-plus information tax forms.

With Tax1099 Enterprise, your team can access as much or as little information as you decide. Designate user roles for each of your team members, including a data entry role and a data review role, or design custom roles by action or by a payer. Separate logins for each team member allow for user action tracking, plus the following features:

  • Collect info with W9 eSolicitations and verify with included TIN matches
  • Sync with accounting software and import easily
  • Deliver vendor forms by USPS or email
  • Comply with all federal and state requirements automatically
  • File corrected forms, and file for two years previous

This is why more than 150,000 businesses, including accounting firms, payment processors, banks, financial institutions, gig economy platforms and AP departments have streamlined their tax operations during filing season with Tax1099 by Zenwork.

Go by the Zenwork booth in the exhibit hall to find out more about how it can help you with your 1099 and related tax form filings. Or, point your browser to the Zenwork website for more details.

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