In a “Firm of the Future” blog, Ted Callahan, Intuit’s QuickBooks Accountant Leader, talks about QuickBooks updates inspired by accountants through their feedback. One of these especially caught my eye because it included what QuickBooks is in the process of doing and what it intends to do in the future.

I’m specifically addressing the area of a new W-9 tracker, which operates standalone so you can simplify processing for unlimited 1099 e-filings.

Callahan relates in this article that “Last year, we (Intuit) released the ability to add Contractor Payments to the QuickBooks Online clients in “Add Client” flow so they could benefit from ProAdvisor Preferred Pricing.”

Intuit was told via feedback that some clients don’t use other QuickBooks products, but want to be still able to use Contractor Payments. Feedback also was a source of information for advising that collecting W-9s in time for tax season deadlines was a real pain point for users.

In response, Intuit has made it easier for clients to keep contractors’ W-9 information available while tracking contractors who still need to provide W-9 information.

In response to the feedback, Intuit has now provided the option for standalone Contractor Payments, including unlimited 1099 e-filing) under the “Add Client” menu. As a result, ProAdvisors now can offer Contractor Payments to their clients at their Preferred Pricing discount, which offers exclusive lifetime pricing of 30% off the base price and 15% off the residual.  

Another result is a new ‘W-9 tracker’ in the Contractor list, under Expenses or Payroll, that allows users to see each contractor’s W-9 status at a glance. 

You can easily see the Contractors from whom you have requested a W-9, those who haven’t provided a W-9 and those with their W-9 on file.

You still can opt to Finish setup and pay a Contractor missing W-9 information and send them an invitation or reminder to provide the information online.

But that’s not where the feedback stopped—additional information provided to Intuit through feedback has allowed them to acknowledge the next evolution in this functionality. 

In the future, users will have an optimized 1099 workflow that includes better account mapping and an enhanced and easier experience overall.

Thanks, Intuit, for listening to our feedback and taking it seriously. We appreciate that you are meeting our requirements in this and many other areas of the QuickBooks family of products.


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