Thousands of QuickBooks ProAdvisors, accountants and bookkeepers rely on Rewind to protect their client data from costly mistakes. Rewind has just made it easier than ever with their new bulk linking feature for you to add clients to the protection afforded under your QuickBooks Online Accountant firm.

The new feature—only available to Rewind’s QuickBooks Online Accountant firms—means that multiple QBO company files can be connected simultaneously. Rewind QBO Accountants can bulk-link their clients’ QBO files by:

  1. Logging into their Rewind account
  2. Opening their drop-down menu and selecting on their own QuickBooks Online Accountant file
  3. Then, copying and pasting the following link to your browser (using either the same tab or a new tab): https://app.rewind.com/subscription/client_selection
  4. From there, you can select and link your clients (as shown in the example below).

Can you imagine losing a client’s financial data? The loss goes beyond measure because such a loss can even damage a ProAdvisor, accountants or bookkeeper’s reputation, not to mention eroding the trust you have worked so hard to build with your clients.

And if a client loses or corrupts their own data, without a back-up, who do you think they are going to come crying to about, “Why didn’t you tell me I should be backing up my QBO data?”

You need to take charge and make certain every client you work with that is using QuickBooks Online cannot be impacted by a data disaster—they cannot be impacted because they have a Rewind backup in place.

“You cannot go wrong with Rewind having your back(up).”  (Murph)

This new offering is an opportunity to incorporate all of your clients QBO data under the protection of your QuickBooks Online Accountant Rewind coverage. 

For more details about Rewind’s coverage (and pricing) for QuickBooks Online Accountants, see the official Rewind Blog post regarding this new feature.

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