Here are a few more reporting, data analysis and data metrics app sponsors that you will find when you visit the exhibit hall at Scaling New Heights this coming week in Orlando.

Digits might well be described as a ‘work in progress’ since they describe their mission as “building groundbreaking finance tools leveraging their state-of-the-art Living Model technology.” They also indicated on their website that their Living Model is designed to allow them to solve their community’s biggest needs by allowing the community to influence and shape the solutions (they build).

As an example, they cite ‘reporting’, which is the reason why they have been included in this specific category within our sponsor series.  Their website states, “they heard from many finance professionals that the whole process to get to the end-deliverable report takes at least 3-5 hours per client. So, we (they) leveraged Living Model technology and built Digits Reports to generate and send beautiful, interactive reports that your clients love, all in one-click.”

You can see from just these two examples that they have some ‘snazzy’ looking reports in this first ‘reporting’ technology offering.

But this is just a starting point, you can learn more about Digits’ latest tools from their Labs webpage.

Head over to the Digits booth in the conference exhibit hall to find out more about Digits Reports, or what they have in store for finance professional in the future. You can also point your browser to the Digits website for more information.

Producing a fixed asset register that agrees to the balance sheet is often one of those tasks that is left until the very end when preparing accounts and tax returns. Accountants then spend hours pasting data from prior years and adding the new assets into spreadsheets, before reaching out to their client to agree on additions and any disposals for the year. They finally, adjust their figures and post the results back to the balance sheet.

But with nettTracker, your balance sheet is always up to date. It also offers a set of hands-free tools to help ensure the profit and loss report of a business contains monthly values that are consistent with expectations.

With nettTracker, you will save time calculating period end adjustments for depreciation, prepaid expenses, accruals and deferred income. It will also save you time reconciling the balance sheet accounts for these adjustments. Enable the automation features and leave nettTracker to do the rest.

Find out how you can have consistent balance sheet and profit & loss reports when it comes to your fixed assets by visiting with the folks at the nettTracker booth in the conference exhibit hall. You can also visit the nettTracker website for more information.

The ProfitCents Valuation Solution helps firms increase realization rates and add value during advisory, audit, and valuation engagements. It works in conjunction with ProfitCents, a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform created to help financial advisors improve the financial performance of their business clients. These applications use ProfitCents’ proprietary industry benchmarks to show value to a prospective client or use one of the narrative or projection reports in a consulting project.

The use of ProfitCents and the ProfitCents Valuation Solution will help firms streamline workflow, scale processes, and create consistent growth opportunities. In addition, ProfitCents University offers you the ability to learn how to help clients generate more cash and improve overall performance the ProfitCents way.

Stop by the ProfitCents booth in the conference exhibit hall to learn more about these valuation offerings and ProfitCents University training. You can also point your browser to the ProfitCents webpage for more information.

Xenett Autoreview is an innovative, robust, and reliable app designed for accountants that simplifies, streamlines, and automates QuickBooks online financial data review.

Their intelligent clean-up tool auto-detects 90% of the bookkeeping errors within seconds. It automates and expedites the close process and thereby helps accountants cut their manual review time by 60%. In addition, it catches the errors before your client does and enables you to get the accurate numbers your clients can rely on.

  • Easily configure rules on the Vendor and Account level with their configuration wizard and set expectations on the amount, GL, expected class, and transaction type.
  • Autoreview allows for test rules configuration, including dozens of default rules, then detects any breaches and abnormalities, thereby helping to identify and fix bookkeeping errors.
  • AutoReview’s structured and organized review approach quickly reviews financials with unique features like sign-off at GL level, attached queries, and defined review points from their global review guidelines library. In addition, you can attach review notes and change note status as items are resolved and then closed.
  • AutoReview’s intuitive reporting interface allows you to drill down on the GL at the ledger and transaction level with the ability to view attachments, provides a comparative analysis, and unique smart search capabilities. You can also easily export any reports to Excel.
  • The App provides an instant snapshot of business performance to enable you to focus on what matters.
  • AutoReview provides you reconciliation status for all bank and credit card accounts with balance details in QuickBooks.
  • Xenett AutoReview allows you to view transaction activity stats monthly for pricing review and trace any abnormalities for detecting unusual trends in transaction counts.

If you are looking for a way to ‘auto review’ your QuickBooks Online data, head over to the Xenett AutoReview booth in the conference exhibit hall. But should you miss them at the conference, just point your browser to the Xenett AutoReview website for more information.

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