This is yet another in our July series on Analytics & Reporting apps. Here, Murph summarizes one noted for performing both functions. To read about the related history of this series, analytics and reporting, check out Murph’s introduction HERE.

While Qvinci may purportedly be the No. 1 reporting app in the QuickBooks Online App Store, it is much more than a reporting app. So, it only makes sense that Qvinci will be offered at a substantial discount to QuickBooks Online Advanced users after Intuit discontinues providing Fathom to QBO-Adv users in August.

When it comes to performing instant analytics of financial data, I have told you time and time again about the exceptional capabilities of Qvinci. Simply put, it excels (no pun intended) at providing the metrics of a client’s financial data so you can quickly identify favorable key performance indicators and potentially harmful trends.

Its newest automated analytics and Key Performance Indicator Scoreboard Reports are packed with data, making it easy for any trusted advisor to read and implement the appropriate actions with their client(s). 

You can quickly access the information you need in the periods most beneficial to you and your clients, like fiscal year to date versus the same period in the prior year, the reporting month versus the preceding month or even the reporting three months versus prior three months.

Qvinci is notorious for its KPI Scorecards, which feature the most significant Income, COGS and Expense accounts, along with the ideal range and KPI analysis based on the weighted average over the last 12 months actuals with a +/1 2% spread.

In addition, using Red, Black or Green indicators allows you to quickly determine when the accounts are above, at or below threshold values.

In the above report, Entity Performance reflects trending in the critical Income, COGS, Expenses and KPI analysis over the selected period. With Green (favorable) and Red (unfavorable), trend indicators included. Qvinci also offers benchmark comparison data for its KPI Scorecard reporting.

But these analytics and reporting features are just the start of what Qvinci has to offer. It also provides more than 100 report templates that can be used by its customers “as is” or customized “at will.”

With Qvinci, customers can create, edit, style and publish entire reporting packages—including business intelligence, financial reporting, cover pages, indexes and disclosures—designed to exact specifications. 

Need to look at what your Income is doing on an Annual and Monthly basis with Variance; here is an example of Qvinci reporting.

Maybe a side by side of what’s happening with your Accounts Receivable and Accounts; Payable is what you need.

Or maybe just an excellent (beautifully clean) Balance Sheet Report.

Maybe you are one of those number crunchers interested in metrics and forecasting, so how about a 12-month (by quarter) trend forecast based on the prior two years’ performance projected from the last 90 days looking forward.

Qvinci also is noted for its ability to consolidate data and produce analytics and reporting. We are not just talking about one, two or a dozen files, but an almost unlimited number from different data sources.

Qvinci can sync and consolidate data from multiple entities using dynamic mapping that allows information with dissimilar account names to be standardized into a customized Standard Chart of Accounts.

The information then can be displayed as a single entity or viewed with the native account names as the originating source data with the click of a mouse.

And of course, Qvinci offers Dashboards (what would an Analytics and Reporting venue be without Dashboards). 

So, whether it is one entity or consolidation of entities, you can choose the widgets that work best for the Dashboards you want to display.

Qvinci is the perfect business analytics and reporting tool whether you are a single entity or a multi-national entity with hundreds of global subsidiaries.

And Qvinci also is the ideal tool for today’s trusted advisors who want to offer more to their clients than a few simple numbers and a couple of reports dressed up out of QuickBooks or Xero. 

For more information, head to the Qvinci website. While you are there, consider signing up for a 14-day free trial.  

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