Intuit is introducing Spreadsheet Sync for QuickBooks Online Advanced (Advanced), which enables two-way synching with Excel. Spreadsheet Sync expands Advanced’s capabilities for mid-sized businesses around reporting and analysis.

In a recent QuickBooks customer survey of mid-sized businesses (those with 10 to 100 employees), approximately 30% of customers proactively named integration with Microsoft as the No. 1 integration requirement to help them efficiently maintain data accuracy.

Spreadsheet Sync, minimizes manual data entry and the complications of CSV imports and exports without having to use or learn a completely new tool. Customers can connect their QuickBooks Online Advanced data directly to Excel, enabling them to build customized reports and analyses, and perform bulk uploads and edits, without compromising on convenience or data accuracy.

These live-data reporting capabilities let customers bulk upload and edit transactions from Excel back to QuickBooks. Customers can consolidate data from multiple companies in Advanced.

Kelly Vincent, QuickBooks VP of Mid-Market Small Business at Intuit, says the company knows its customers know their spreadsheets, and believes it can make their lives even easier by connecting the power of spreadsheets to QuickBooks Online Advanced. “Bringing this crucial ability to easily sync data with spreadsheets will help our customers save time, reduce errors and build the highly customized reports, analyses, budgets, forecasts and visuals they need to make informed decisions for their businesses.”

Key benefits of Spreadsheet Sync include:

  • Keeps data in sync — Add and edit data in bulk in Excel and sync it directly to Advanced. Spreadsheet Sync helps users avoid manual errors and provides confidence in accuracy of data.
  • Provides deeper financial insights — Track business performance by leveraging Excel to customize reports with Advanced data. Pre-made templates, consolidated reports for multiple companies, and refreshed data are accessible in a single click.
  • Combines power of Excel and Advanced — Manipulate data and create flexible workflows with familiar tools when Excel and Advanced work together.

The global technology platform also makes TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint, Credit Karma and Mailchimp.

To learn more about Spreadsheet Sync, CLICK HERE. If you want to learn more about QuickBooks Online Advanced, CLICK HERE

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