How does the song go, “…another one bites the dust?”

For those who have been long-term members of what started out as the TSheets PRO Program—an educational, partner and certification offering of TSheets which became the QuickBooks Time PRO Program after Intuit acquired TSheets—the program officially will conclude Nov. 15, 2023.

The QuickBooks Time PRO Program, formerly the TSheets PRO Program, has offered benefits for accountants who referred their clients to QuickBooks Time, Intuit’s time tracking solution.

But Intuit has decided to end the QuickBooks Time PRO Program, and is doing so on Nov. 15, 2023. The PRO website also will be discontinued as of that same date.

Current QuickBooks Time PROs who are not part of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor program will be able to join the QuickBooks ProAdvisor program soon.

In addition, the QuickBooks ProAdvisor program plans to broaden the benefits, advantages and resources available to ProAdvisors who support Multiple QuickBooks offerings, including QuickBooks Time.

Existing ProAdvisors, and QuickBooks Time PROs can log into QuickBooks Online Accountant to learn more about these  QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program offerings.


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