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Intuit is introducing QuickBooks Online Price Rules, a more advanced way of setting product pricing. Price rules allow you to specify an alternate price in an invoice based on factors like date range, customer type, product/service type, or a specific list of items and/or customers. This is a welcome addition to QuickBooks Online. Price Rules will only be available in QuickBooks Online Plus. Please note that at the time that I’m writing this, the feature is still in “beta test” mode. This is an open beta test, which means that anyone can implement it for testing. However, since it is a beta test, the product is still evolving, so when you look at it there may be some variations from what I’m showing here. It also means that you should be careful about implementing this now, since it hasn’t been fully tested.

Enabling QuickBooks Online Price Rules

You can enable Price Rules by clicking the Gear icon and then selecting Account and Settings (in QuickBooks Online Accountant it will be Company Settings). In the Sales section, Products and Services subsection, you will find Turn on price rules. The next step is to create some price rules. There are three places where you can access them, as far as I’ve found so far. [….]

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