The Intuit QuickBooks team is advising accountants and ProAdvisors of impending changes to QBO Navigation to give them time to begin working with their clients on the upcoming enhancements.

Last year, QuickBooks updated the Business View navigation menu in QuickBooks Online so clients could more easily access the capabilities they wanted, in the language they use, to stay focused on growing their business.

But many accounting professionals reported to QuickBooks that working with clients using a different navigation was oftentimes difficult and frustrating. The completely different menu made it a challenge to provide clients with proper guidance.

As a result of this feedback, QuickBooks has begun a two phase project to remove the Business View navigation menu and consolidate all QuickBooks Online users to a single navigation menu based on Accountant View. The project includes:

•    Redesigning the Accountant View menu to be better organized and easier to scan.

Users will still have the ability to toggle between Business view and Accountant view using the gear menu, but the navigation will be unaffected by the view they choose.

• Moving bookmarks to the top of the menu, making them easier to access.

• Keeping the “hover and fly-out” menu interaction in Accountant View, so you can see all of the sub-menu items when you hover over the main menu item.

• Updating the QuickBooks Accountant left navigation menu to reflect many of the same renaming and reordering changes. For example, “Banking” will change to “Transactions” (as shown above).

The change to move all users to one, consolidated navigation menu will happen in two phases. QuickBooks’ goal is to have these changes implemented before it’s time to start preparing for tax season. ‘In-product Alerts’ will be provided in advance of the beginning of each phase as elaborated above.

• Phase 1 will be an “opt-in” period where users can try out the new navigation menu and provide feedback about how it works for you. For about 30 days after being notified of the availability of the new menu, users will be able to choose which view to use; the software will not automatically default to the new view.

During this period, users will also have the option to go back to the current menu.

Not all users will have access to new menu choices at the same time, this feature change, like most in QBO, will be rolled out to customers on a progressive basis over time.

• Phase 2 will gradually roll-out the finalized new menu to all QuickBooks users. Users will still have the ability to toggle between Business view and Accountant view using the gear menu, but the navigation will be unaffected by the view they choose. In Business view, the accounting language and names of some features and buttons may differ from that in the Accountant view. Ultimately, QuickBooks plans to use the same language in both views.

Additional information regarding the Navigation Menu changes can be obtained from this official Intuit QuickBooks Help webpage.

ProAdvisors and Accountants are advised to begin working with your clients to both advise them of the changes, and to keep them aware of the menu revision transition.

Insightful Accountant will do our best to assure you are aware of any changes to the proposed project or implementation timing.

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