The Custom Report Builder in QuickBooks Online Advanced allows you to create vertical bar, trend line, and stacked bar charts with almost any data or account available using the new Chart View feature

While Chart View went live this past November for about 25% of all QBO Advanced users, it recently was released to all QuickBooks Online Advanced customers. 

It is now possible to build clear, high-quality charts that compare data sets without needing outside tools or sophisticated application design.

Comparison charts help to identify factors driving your business, along with areas of growth or trouble. Depending on the data sets you incorporate into your comparison charts, you can reflect the most meaningful measures of your business, like product sales, customer purchasing patterns, location productivity, and more.

The example below reflects Customer sales by month. Leading customers are reflected for each month as a segment of each month’s bar chart, with the segment representing their respective purchases. 

This is only one example of how you could use this new feature. There are almost limitless opportunities with more than 27 data fields you can use and compare in your charts.

Check out this official Intuit video to learn more about Chart View in QuickBooks Online Advanced Custom Report Builder.

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