Earlier this year Intuit introduced the QuickBooks Online Accountant feature, which introduced the concepts of jobs and tasks to the Work menu option. Building on that feature, Intuit is now adding QuickBooks Online Accountant Recurring Projects, an important improvement.

The ability to create recurring projects has been one of the most requested improvements for the project management feature. Accounting professionals working with clients will often have projects and tasks that are repeated periodically, on a regular schedule. This update adds the ability to specify that a project, and the tasks that are a part of that project, be repe7ated on a schedule that you specify.

Setting Up QuickBooks Online Accountant Recurring Projects

Projects in QuickBooks Online Accountant are part of the practice management feature that you access through the Work menu. You can create a new project by clicking the button in the upper right corner.

This opens the Create project drawer (a “drawer” is a window that opens up on the right side of the screen), where you can enter the details of the project you want to create. The change in this release is the addition of the Repeat switch at the right.

When you enable this switch, you will see a new section of fields for the project. This allows you to specify how often this task will be repeated, as well as optionally specifying an end date. It is important to note that the recurrence is related to the Due date that you specify.

The first field in Repeats can be Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. The options that follow this will depend on which of these you choose.

Monthly lets you specify which day of the month the task will be due on.

You can pick a particular day (such as the “6th day”) of the month, or the first/second/third/fourth/last day of the month (such as the “second Tuesday”).

You can also specify if this should recur every month, every 2nd month, etc.

Weekly is simpler. You pick which day of the week, and how many weeks between occurrences.

Yearly lets you pick the month and which day of that month.

Recurring projects can continue forever, or until a specific end date. Select “Never” to have no ending date, or select “On” to specify a particular ending date.

When you set your Repeats values, the Upcoming section will show you the next three dates when the project will be due. Keep in mind that these are the dates following the current due date. I was slightly confused at this initially – the upcoming dates don’t include your initial due date, just those for the project dates following the current one. […]