Get Paid Upfront is an invoice advance program for eligible QuickBooks Payments customers in six states (Arizona, Illinois, North Carolina, Utah, Washington and Indiana) from QuickBooks Capital.

The program is designed to help small businesses receive an advance on their invoices instead of waiting weeks on invoice payments.

Get Paid Upfront enables a qualifying small business to finance multiple qualifying invoices up to their approved credit limit. According to its unique terms, each advance is treated and documented as a separate loan. Because every business is unique, each application is considered individually. The decisions are based on current guidelines and applicable laws.

If approved, 97% of the qualifying invoice total will be deposited into the business’s bank account. 

To get started with Get Paid Upfront, a small business must fill out an application to see if it can be approved. If approved, the invoice it selected will be paid upfront, and the borrower will be assigned a credit limit he can use to fund future qualifying invoices.

With Get Paid Upfront, you have 30 days from disbursement (the day the advance was issued) to pay the invoice amount in full before it begins to accrue interest. 

If your customer pays his invoice through QuickBooks Payments during the first 30 days, those payments will be automatically applied to your Get Paid Upfront loan balance. You will not be charged any payments processing fees for these customer payments.

Based upon the acceptance of the program the Get Paid Upfront offering by QuickBooks Capital may be expanded in the future to all eligible QuickBooks Payments customers (based upon applicable state lending requirements).

For more information about this funding option, check out the QuickBooks Help website, “Increase Cash Flow with Get Paid Upfront,” or read a summary in the QuickBooks Blog article, “What’s New in QuickBooks Online for December 2021.”

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