Some of you may already have noticed a change in the information and supporting visuals available to you in your QuickBooks Online ‘Bank Feeds’ whether you are using Business View or Accountant View. 

Intuit QuickBooks recently implemented Check Image Auto Import (shown below) for all US versions of QBO (so long as you do not have multi-currency enabled). 

With this feature, QuickBooks imports available check images directly from banks and makes them available within either the Business View or Accountant View of your bank feed transactions.

Just click on the attachment paperclip to access the information you are seeking within the bank feed presentation under either view, and you will not only see the transaction details, but the related image in the Explore pane on the right. 

You can easily shift the image up/down, right/left or make it full-screen for better viewing of details (as illustrated in the black image on the left above).

At present, not all Big Banks are participating as a result of specific API implementation requirements, but the Intuit QuickBooks Product Team for this feature is working closely with those banks to get them on-board as quickly as possible. 

The feature presently is not available to QuickBooks Online users within Canada, or those using other country versions.

With this addition, Bank Feeds becomes almost totally self-contained—it takes on the full character of the bank’s statement with not only the data integrating into QBO, but also the statement and the check images.

The days of scanning bank statements or even having document vaults of statements and images soon will be a thing of the past with this type of technology.

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