Quickbase allows you to easily adjust your CRM platform to scale with your business and integrate with other platforms.

You can quickly configure the Quickbase sales management CRM to align with your team’s unique processes and terminology. It allows you to start with a ready-made sales management app or build your own without coding or IT assistance. 

Quickbase helps you automate important business processes so your team can reduce time and effort.  It also makes it easier to build an App specific to your requirements because their flexible editor gives you the ability to tailor your App using pre-built components such as workflows, tables, reports and dashboards. In order to facilitate this customization capability they offer a great deal of training in a variety of formats for their users.

Whether you are working out of a central location or need to connect information across many business locations, its cloud-based software will allow you to evolve as your needs change.

Merging monthly spreadsheets from dozens of sales reps can be messy, and poor communications can result in lost deals. With Quickbase, your team can track every lead and update statuses all in one centralized CRM database that you customize to meet your own requirements.

Quickbase will maximize campaign collaboration among your team members. You will benefit from broad visibility into the status, progress and performance of all of your ongoing campaigns. Quickbase pulls information from all your different data sources into one place, so you can get better insights and quickly spot areas where campaigns may be under or over performing.

Gain transparency into your sales like never before with reports that blend data from all of your sales channels. Access data using your personalized dashboard on any device to get a full picture into sales and revenue, lost leads, team performance, customer satisfaction and countless other business processes—all in one place. 

But the real question is: Should you buy an out-of-the-box CRM or build your own CRM with Quickbase?

Obviously, building a solution, even with a no-code platform like Quickbase, still requires more of an investment in both time and money than simply purchasing and installing an out-of-the-box solution.

Out-of-the-box solutions may in fact work with your other systems, but it does not necessarily have the features you require, and in some cases, they will require third-party apps to connect them to your other systems.

So, for some users, Quickbase may give you the greatest option in a custom, easy self-designed CRM, but it does not offer direct connectivity with QuickBooks, despite the fact that Quickbase was once a division of Intuit.

But Quickbase does offer database connectors via their application programming interface API and Webhooks integrations.

Depending on your requirements, Quickbase come in various SaaS product price levels. That’s one reason why you will want to spend some time at the Quickbase website and possibly either get a demo or start a free trial

This is not a product that has a perfect out-of-the-box CRM solution that fits every business, but if you like to tinker and you want something uniquely you in the way of your CRM, Quickbase may fit the bill.

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