Uploaded on May 30, 2017
 QBO Update May 25, 2017 In The Know webinar for accounting professionals.

Here at Intuit, we have listened to our Accountants! We’ve heard your requests for timely information on what is new in QuickBooks Online, specifically for accountants and their clients.

QuickBooks Online products receive feature updates on a monthly basis. In this live training we go in-depth into the new and relevant features, so you can be “In The Know” for your clients.

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  • Introduction & Agenda – with Wesley Booth (Length: ~02m 08s)Webinar Introduction & Agenda
  • QBO updates – Navigation update for all users & added Time tracking for Essentials companies. – with Wesley Booth (Length: ~4m 47s)We are updating the left navigation for all users. Time Tracking has been added to Essentials companies and that time can be billable.
  • Mobile-version of the time tracking. – with Yoshi Matsuzawa (Length: ~11m 11s)Updated the time tracking tool and now time tracking is available from mobile devices.
  • Practice Management – Duplicate Projects. – with Brad Newell (Length: ~9m 19s)Practice Management as the ability to manage clients and workflow supported by key capabilities including collaboration, document management, insights and notifications. Duplicate projects is something you asked for to help with your workflow
  • Practice Management – Client Management tools – with Corey Ferguson (Length: ~5m 30s)Client management is one of two major jobs that Practice Management solves for. The vision for client management is being able to provide accountants a single place to manage ALL their clients – their details, interaction history and relationship to team members and other clients in the firm.
  • New Statements – with Samantha Lopez (Length: ~14m 10s)Completely updated the statement with more professional looking layout.
  • Invoice Tracker – with Daniel Lu (Length: ~5m 48s)Helps QBO users know the status of their invoices from creation to getting paid (money in bank), helping them better manage their cash flow.
  • Conclusion – with Wesley Booth (Length: ~3m 42s)Conclusion and rap up.