Form 943—Employer’s Annual Federal Tax Return for Agricultural Employees—is required for agricultural businesses with farm workers. Depending on your business, you may be required to file this form with the IRS annually. 

In addition, some companies may be required to file both a 943 and a 941 or a 944.

Last July, we told you that Form 943 support was available for new users of QuickBooks Online Core, Premium or Elite Payroll. At that time, Intuit had no timetable as to when the feature would become available to existing Online Payroll users already using Forms 941 or 944.

But now, essentially all (certain exceptions apply) agricultural businesses using QuickBooks Online Payroll can file Form 943 right inside QuickBooks. Agricultural businesses no longer need to manually file their federal taxes or depend on an outside product. They can rely on QuickBooks Online and Online Payroll to file Form 943.

The Form 943 filing status option appears in the Federal Taxes section of Payroll Settings for QuickBooks Online Payroll Core, Premium or Elite users.

This form is available for users regardless of having their Automate taxes and forms option turned On or Off.

Users will find that Form 943 now can be found in tax payments. For companies with Automate Taxes and forms turned offer, all confirmations and payment voucher copies refer to Form 943. For companies with Automate Taxes and firms turned on, Intuit will process 943 tax payments.

Unfortunately, QuickBooks Online Payroll can only file one federal tax form per business. Therefore, QBO Payroll users who must file both a 943 and a 941 or 944 must choose which form they will prepare with QuickBooks.

QBO Payroll 943 filing also doesn’t support non-cash/commodity wage reporting. 

For those QBO Payroll users with businesses in Oregon, the Oregon quarterly OR-OQ and OR STT-1 forms agricultural business forms can be prepared from QuickBooks. But if an Oregon agricultural business prefers to file the annual OR-WA and OR-STT-A forms, they must turn off automated taxes and forms and will need to file these forms manually.

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