“Scaling New Heights” transforms how small businesses operate through forward-looking measurements based on accurate and actionable financial information.

Accounting and bookkeeping professionals struggle with process inefficiencies, dated technologies, scope creep, and high friction with client collaboration, resulting in extreme workload pressures and limited capacity in their practices and lives.

As a result, they are flapping when they should be soaring. 

Why are People an Essential Ingredient?

Working remotely allows me to be focused and be task-driven, but what I miss out on is networking and outside idea generation. Like so many, I need people to feed my mind and heart. The human contact, including hugs and conversations, gave me endless inspiration.

A larger than usual group of new people was in attendance at “Scaling New Heights” in Orlando, Florida. New people mean new energy and perspective. I was lucky enough to have one of my team members join us at the conference.

As a newbie, I asked her opinion. Her answer was “confidence.” She walked in thinking she didn’t know enough to be there, but she walked away, realizing she knew more than she was giving herself credit.

One of my highlights was watching her receive her QuickBooks Online Certification pin during the Appy Hour. Ann, one of my dearest friends, gave this new attendee her own QuickBooks Online pin.

Those of you know stickers and pins are a big deal to us in this industry. We love our badges to share what we have accomplished and what we believe is significant enough to warrant our effort.

Make Your Adventure by Choosing your Classes

The number of classes each year makes it difficult to pick where we spend our time. If only I could pull a Hermione Granger and use a Time-Turner to be in multiple places simultaneously. I would make all the classes and support all the speakers.

This year, I kept my teaching schedule light so I could enjoy more of my peers. The only class I taught was encouraging my fellow piers to participate in security awareness actively.

As part of my journey toward security, we have migrated our firm from Google to Microsoft. Microsoft allows me to use the suite of embedded apps instead of adding another application, increasing data leaks. For example, Microsoft Teams, Bookings, SharePoint and Power Automate are all applications included in your Microsoft subscriptions.

I was able to attend classes and hear dynamite, thought-provoking ideas. 

App’etite for Solution Providers

My app’etite is well known. We continue to advance as a nation and a world through technology. Technology changes the structure of industries, altering the rules of competition. It creates a competitive advantage by giving companies new ways to outperform their rivals.

The process often leads to creating whole new businesses within existing companies. Technology is vital for a country’s development, but why?

Technology is widely accepted as the key driver of economic growth in countries, regions and cities. Prosperity depends on the efficient production of more and better goods and services enabled by technological progress.

Innovation Starts with People

During a conference, each attendee contributes to understanding increased data flow to increase business collaboration.

Research, innovation and economic activity are all connected to the process we are trying to advance. Accounting professionals recognize the need for change and education. Accountants are directly involved in innovation, production, and technology development, which require economics and people knowledge.

Research and development are influenced by technology, individual capabilities, and social factors. Leading corporations are investing heavily in R&D. Investments in big data, artificial intelligence, and information and communication technologies have increased, leading to potential contributions to higher education, job creation, and economic growth.

Local science contributes to local innovation: scientific understanding, technological development, economic activity and human skills.

A deeper and more detailed understanding of what the research is trying to uncover would benefit science, technology, and innovation (STI) policies. Human mobility and talent attraction are critical contributors to improving the development of the next wave of jobs and new industry standards.

How to Find Balance While Making History?

Partnerships are essential to make scientific and technological progress with new products and teams of people with complementary skills. To do this, research and input are necessary. “We’re making history.”

People desire to disrupt the daily manual routines that drive them to search for the next big thing. The personal technology industry sells evolutions, not revolutions, promising a product that will simplify your life without requiring you to learn new skills.

New users may be intimidated to jump into the fast-moving technology trend if they don’t have friendly experiences. It’s hard to balance being left behind and trying new technology, which burns users. Accounting and businesses can advance together as more feedback is provided to developers.

How has the Pandemic Changed Conferences?

Technological advancement has enabled businesses to continue operating after the outbreak of COVID in the world. On the other hand, individuals’ lives have been changed both positively and negatively by the pandemic.

Today, digital infrastructures are essential to ensuring education and employment access. COVID is driving this trend. The rapid adoption of new specialized methods has created a comprehensive digital division for those willing and unwilling to embrace change. Recognizing who will be left behind is essential to any development. Generational comfort restraints are often exposed by technology.

Other players have an opportunity to embrace, expand and provide feedback as the building blocks for the hybridization of technology and business.

Accountants play a big part in more than just the technology selected for the business. Look at all the areas accountants have led the way during COVID. The pandemic has revolutionized e-commerce, groceries delivery bots and online telehealth into commonplace behaviors.

Digital payments have increased because they are closely tied to e-services. Remote working has been a regular part of the accounting industry, and many firms have to lead the way for businesses. Education will always be necessary, but families have more choices.

Each of these topics is areas accountants have taken many of the first steps in adoptions.

In-person events allow innovative technology solutions to gather their best research to focus inward and forward. If done correctly, trade shows are more than sales opportunities; they are observation opportunities. How will users embrace the changes and advancements made by many developers during COVID? Another reality is how attendees’ health will be affected by in-person events?

See you next year

Through the robust conversation with fellow attendees and solution providers, my awareness of technology and business trends is enlightened; my soul is charged, and my spirits are lifted.

Find more information about “Scaling New Heights 2023,” CLICK HERE.

Liz Scott is a multi-business entrepreneur working to bring together technology and accountants through her business, Liz Scott Consulting. A member of Intuit Trainer/Writer Network, she authored and taught Master level courses, including Advisory Guides and Consulting Tools for Accountants. In addition to Liz Scott Consulting, she also owns Accounting Lifeline, a firm to serve small businesses with their financial needs. Liz is a co-host of the “Appy Hour,” which helps other accountants learn about the different tools and apps for small business needs. Holding a high passion for real estate investment, she owns properties throughout Oklahoma.

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