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Hi friends. In QuickBooks Payroll, you can add clients in a new way, but there also is another thing I wanted to show you, and that’s the revenue sharing opportunities. This is something I have not really paid attention to, but when I started digging around with a new way to add Payroll clients, I found this link to revenue sharing and it looks interesting.

Here is a short video to expand on these topics.

Adding a Payroll subscription in QuickBooks Online Accountant

In your QuickBooks Online Accountant account, you can go over to your gear icon settings and view all the subscriptions that are under the Account-billed subscriptions and the Client-billed subscriptions.

This also will show if there is a payroll subscription. If there is not any, you can select the drop down and add a payroll subscription.

Once you select add payroll, it will take you to this screen to where you can select which payroll subscriptions you would like to use.  

Next you will be launched into payroll. If you look at your payroll tab now, you can see which clients have payroll.

Now you can see the Payroll subscription on the “Subscriptions & Billing” tab.

This part is not new, but if you did not know, it is a nice hack. You can transfer billing directly to your client.

Once we flip over to your client-billed subscriptions, you will be able to see them there.

Revenue shared payouts

Revenue shared payouts are worth checking out. You can find this on the Revenue shared payouts tab. Here is a direct link to view the pricing breakdown for the ProAdvisor Revenue Share Program.

If you scroll down, you can see this cool breakdown showing the revenue sharing. This is where you will see the revenue sharing for the first three months. There is a smaller revenue share because there is a discount for the first three months, you can then see how it increases afterward.

Anyway, lots of cool things. I wanted to share and pass along some tips.

See you later, everyone.

Liz Scott is a multi-business entrepreneur working to bring together technology and accountants through her business, Liz Scott Consulting. A member of Intuit Trainer/Writer Network, she authored and taught Master level courses, including Advisory Guides and Consulting Tools for Accountants. In addition to Liz Scott Consulting, she also owns Accounting Lifeline, a firm to serve small businesses with their financial needs. Liz is a co-host of the “Appy Hour,” which helps other accountants learn about the different tools and apps for small business needs. Holding a high passion for real estate investment, she owns properties throughout Oklahoma.

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