As businesses grow, accounting can quickly become a complex and time-consuming task for even the most experienced accountants. QuickBooks recently launched a new Business Overview Widget Editing feature that is currently in beta.

Accountants can easily keep track of important financial information such as revenue, expenses and cash flow. This feature not only saves time, but also provides crucial insights for making informed business decisions. I also have created a short video to help explain this in more detail. 

To view the video, CLICK HERE.

Customizing your Dashboard

When you are on your dashboard now you can choose to add or remove widgets. To add or remove widgets click “Customize Beta” and then Add/Remove Widget button. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to show you how to customize your dashboard.

1. Click Customize at top left corner

2. Choose which widget you want to keep or remove

3. Elongate widgets (like the bank accounts for more visibility

Note: You can even remove the “Discover more” (QBO promotional) widget

This is a simple way to edit your dashboard. You can even rearrange the widget how you want them or make them bigger to see everything in the widget. If you want to remove a widget you can hover over the widget and click the trash icon to delete it.

By reducing time spent on manual accounting tasks, businesses can focus on making informed decisions and growing their operations. The step-by-step process outlined above makes it easy to customize your dashboard and take full advantage of this powerful tool.

Liz Scott is a multi-business entrepreneur working to bring together technology and accountants through her business, Liz Scott Consulting. A member of Intuit Trainer/Writer Network, she authored and taught Master level courses, including Advisory Guides and Consulting Tools for Accountants. In addition to Liz Scott Consulting, she also owns Accounting Lifeline, a firm to serve small businesses with their financial needs. Liz is a co-host of the “Appy Hour,” which helps other accountants learn about the different tools and apps for small business needs. Holding a high passion for real estate investment, she owns properties throughout Oklahoma. 

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