The end of the year is coming. And for accountants and bookkeepers, that can get hectic. Just remember, QuickBooks Online has built-in tools to help you be more productive.

Since year-end tasks often are only performed once yearly, a checklist is handy to ensure consistency and completeness. Using this and the tools available in QBO Online can help reduce human error during the busy year-end season.

In the upcoming QB Talks, “QuickBooks Online Closing the Books at Year-End,” Accounting Lifeline‘s Liz Scott will run you through year-end duties like reconciling all accounts including loans, collecting year-end documents, processing final payrolls, filing payroll forms and closing the books in preparation of tax.

Join Liz for the webinar, slated for Dec. 14, 1 p.m. (CST). Whether you’re a tax, bookkeeping or full-service firm, Liz will show you how to streamline and collaborate with your client at year’s end.

The webinar includes:

  • Steps for closing the books using QuickBooks Online Books review
  • When to use Reclassify transactions
  • Best practices for closing Invoices
  • Common year-end journal entries
  • Processing final payroll
  • Year-end payroll duties  

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