QuickBooks cranks out improvements for QuickBooks Online (Simple-start, Essentials and Plus) every few months. It also releases new enhancements to QuickBooks Online-Accountant and QuickBooks Online-Advanced every couple of months. 

Even though the “QBO Monday Minute” tries to keep you up to date, sometimes these new releases exceed the ability of the “Monday Minutes” to stay current.  That’s another reason it’s important to tune in for “QB Talks,” where Liz Scott brings you the “QuickBooks Online Update.”

There are all kinds of improvements and new features, enhancements and ecosystem advancements since the last “QBO Update.” Take Intuit’s QuickBooks Business Network, a growing example of B2B commerce.

There have been multiple product updates the last 60-days, including:

  • Batch-edit clients’ auto-add bank rules —By using QBO-Accountant users can revise the auto-add preference on their clients’ bank rules.
  • QBO-Accountant now is the method to add Payroll to Client’s QuickBooks — Accountants and ProAdvisors now need to use QBO-Accountant to add payroll services for their clients.
  • Enhanced QuickBooks Time Set-up now available for QBO Payroll Users — New set-up experience in QuickBooks Time for clients using QBO Premium/Elite Payroll. In addition, accountants and ProAdvisors can set-up their clients with QuickBooks Time directly from within QBO-Accountant just like they were adding them to other services like Payroll or Payments.
  • QuickBooks Checking customers using Android now have Mobile Check-deposit — Customers of QuickBooks Checking now can deposit checks using their Android mobile app, previously mobile checking was only available with the iOS app.
  • Clients are no longer impacted by Accountants’ “NSF holds”— Accountants with wholesale QBO Payroll that experience NSF Holds on their accounts will no longer impact their clients. Clients associated with these accounts now are able to process payroll, pay taxes and use their accounts without any impact. This doesn’t apply to any client that also has NSF funds associated with their own business accounts.
  • QBO-Advanced Custom Report Builder adding Account Roll-up — The Advanced Custom Report Builder for QBO-Advanced is adding functionality to group data by accounts, customers, products, and more. This allows users to report on these groups within hierarchies they configure.
  • Plus several more. 

These are just examples1 of the kinds of QuickBooks enhancements Liz will discuss when “QB Talks” is held Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 2:00 p.m. (EST).

Not only is this an informational session, but it’s a simple way to earn informative CPE credit.

So, be certain to REGISTER HERE for this “QB Talks,” titled “What’s New in QBO” Update Webinar.

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