“We save 15 hours a month on data entry and thousands of dollars in labor. That means I have more time for my customers and my family.”
– Nathan Tuckwell, Serial Entrepreneur

The Challenge: Managing Point of Sale Transactions for Three Businesses
As you might imagine, an entrepreneur with a passion for coffee isn’t one to sit still. Australian-based small business owner Nathan Tuckwell has spun his passion for freshly roasted coffee into not one, but three, coffee based companies:

  • The Bean Doctor, which sells and services coffee machines
  • Mighty Fine Coffee, which makes and sells fresh roasted coffee
  • Waffle Co., a café that serves breakfast and lunch and serves his fresh roasted coffee

But brewing three businesses made Nathan’s accounting, and his life three times as complicated. With so many transactions to keep track of, Nathan spent thousands of dollars on an expensive Point of Sale (POS) software and hardware product hoping that it would solve his problems. But then the POS product became the problem. Despite his investment, the product didn’t work. As if that wasn’t enough, he’d tried other accounting software programs, and he found them limited for all of his caffeinated business needs.

The Solution: Using the Sync with Square app to Link Square to QuickBooks Online
“I can log on and see how all my businesses are doing in 30 seconds while I’m roasting coffee at the same time.”

With a cup of freshly roasted coffee next to him, Nathan went online to research apps that could solve his problem. He soon found Square, a point of sale solution that had recently launched in the Australian market. Other business owners had already told him about QuickBooks Online, and when he saw that the Sync with Square app could connect the two, he decided to give it a try. He started with his café business.

“Setting up Square, QuickBooks Online and Sync with Square was very quick. Square is self-explanatory – it reports what’s selling and what’s not. QuickBooks Online is very intuitive. Once you start using it, you soon realize you already know how to use it.”

It wasn’t long before Nathan was up and running with his café transactions automatically being loaded from Square into his QuickBooks account with the Sync with Square app.

Now Nathan can log onto the QuickBooks Online dashboard and see all the information he needs to run his business – without shuffling paper, entering data or having to check in with anyone else. Because the financials are updated daily, he has been better able to make data driven business decisions that have helped him generate more profits and reduce loss – important for any business but crucial for any company that sells perishable items.

Nathan loves the new rostering payroll features in QuickBooks Online that make organizing his three separate payrolls so much easier. Nathan appreciates the flexibility and mobility of the product, but most of all he loves not having to do data entry.

“QuickBooks Online has been a savior for us.”

The integration has saved him 15 hours a month on average. He soon implemented it for Mighty Fine Coffee and The Bean Doctor. He uses the mobile app to review his financials when he is on the go, which is most of the time. The data entry time and resource savings across the three businesses have been tremendous.

“I recommend that all small business owners take a look at QuickBooks Online and Square. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. There’s nothing out there that beats it.”

Download Sync with Square today.