The PandaDoc Connector by QuickBooks app now officially integrates with QuickBooks Online Advanced, Intuit’s leading financial management platform for mid-sized businesses. The app, by leading all-in-one document workflow automation platform PandaDoc, enables QuickBooks Online Advanced (QBOAV) customers to create custom templates for specific business needs, merge contacts capability with eSignature and track document status—all from within the QuickBooks platform.

Customers will be able to customize vendor and customer-facing documents and save time with automated document creation. Through this integration, growing businesses will be able to leverage the combined power of PandaDoc and QuickBooks to create, track, and sign business critical documents easily and efficiently.

Kelly Vincent, QuickBooks VP of Mid-Market Small Business at Intuit, says the integration is another step toward delivering solutions that fit the specific needs of mid-sized businesses with ease and efficiency. “The flexibility of PandaDoc, coupled with the goodness of QuickBooks Online Advanced, enables our platform to become the single source of truth for document management.”

The PandaDoc Connector by QuickBooks app allows QuickBooks Online Advanced customers to:

  • Easily customize the look and feel of templates with different font colors and sizes and logo images, format the products and services table, and choose from a library of templates, editing those as needed
  • Automate document creation based on key QuickBook workflows
  • Choose which data fields to show customers versus data to capture for internal reporting only
  • Better ensure document accuracy, including all data embedded in a document
  • Get insights and notifications when a customer eSigns or engages with a document and the status of the document changes

“The powerful combination of PandaDoc and QuickBooks technology lets customers connect their QuickBooks Online Advanced invoices to beautiful customer-facing documents,” says Nate Gilmore, CRO, PandaDoc. “Businesses today seek to maximize their time and automate everyday business tasks. Getting business documents e-signed and automating data collection, invoicing, and payments is a great time saver.”

For more information, visit PandaDoc Connector by QuickBooks.

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