If you’re like me and getting ready to cram three weeks of Las Vegas fun and excitement into three days of  “QuickBooks Connect,” let’s get the fun started early with our next “QB Talks.”

Kelly G, aka, Kelly Gonsalves, and Kristen Nies Ciraldo are preparing to “rock your world” at the next “QB Talks” App Neighborhood Watch. Join them as they bolster your booster and fan your fandango with the offerings you’ll find in the front of the house, as well as the parlor suites at “QuickBooks Connect.”

Not only will they showcase the must-have and oh so “cool” QuickBooks ecosystem apps on the Exhibit Hall, but they’ll spin your top helping you avoid the confusion over where the Italian sausage and peppers are in the multicultural lunch buffet verses the “couscous.” 

I mean who eats that stuff anyway, right?

These Pro Advisors are like a guided trip to what hungers you most, rather than what Aunt Bertha told you was good “fer ya.”

And I mean, who better to have the buzz about what’s happening when and where. Be it that “QBO Migration” demo you’ve been dying to see, no problem; or the single, very best party at the hottest club in town, you’re covered.

I just hope they know which Exhibit Hall vendor is giving away this year’s left-over Halloween candy, versus last-year’s. I just hate biting into a Tootsie Roll that breaks your teeth.

They plan to do a “once over” of the conference schedule so you can find out when and where the best content can be found and, even more importantly, “the buzz” at the conference.

I mean these K-K girls (Kelly and Kristen) are like an advance concierge to everything QBC’s got to offer.

So, whether you want to know the single best breakout session at the event, where the two booths are that have spend apps (with free start-up spend dollars), or which “after the after party” is being held at the Palms’ 34th-floor Sky Villa, the clues will be at the “QuickBooks Connect” prep-talk rendition of “QB Talks.” Set your calendar for Nov. 8, 2 p.m. (EST). 

And don’t forget, “See ya in Vegas!” — Murph

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