In my previous article, How to Best Utilize the TSheets and QuickBooks Integration, I mentioned that Intuit’s acquisition of TSheets will lead to continual improvements in the way the two systems interact. This has been made evident with the brand-new QuickBooks Online and TSheets Auto-Sync feature, which will help save accountants, bookkeepers, and CPAs hours of stress. If you or your clients live in a fast-paced world, this feature is right up your alley!

What Is the TSheets and QuickBooks Online Auto-Sync Feature?

QuickBooks Online and TSheets Auto-Sync feature

The TSheets and QuickBooks Online auto-sync feature recognizes when new data has been entered (or existing data has been edited) in QuickBooks, and automatically sends it over to TSheets. This is just one step to make the integration more streamlined, as many TSheets and QuickBooks Online customers run businesses where each day is vastly different from the previous day.

In the past, as companies gained contracts and new customers throughout the day, this information had to be entered into QuickBooks by the admin first, and then manually synced over to TSheets. Only at this point would employees be able to track their time against the new customer. This process was not ideal for a fast-paced work environment. Thus, auto-sync was born.

How Exactly Does Auto-Sync Work?

Once TSheets and QuickBooks Online are integrated, the systems will check for new or updated information in QuickBooks every five minutes. If new or updated information is detected, the system will run a sync, importing the data into TSheets. If no changes have been made to data within the QuickBooks Online account, the systems will not sync for that five-minute time frame.

Note: This auto-sync only sends data from QuickBooks Online to TSheets. Time data in TSheets will not automatically sync to QuickBooks — the current approval-and-export process must be used.

What Data Will Automatically Sync to TSheets?

New or edited employees, customers, service items, classes, and payroll items will all automatically sync to TSheets in five-minute intervals.

Who Can Benefit From This Feature?

Anyone can! However, companies that add multiple new customers or contracts throughout the day will see the most benefit. With auto-sync, admins can enter in new customer information and know it will be available in TSheets for employees to track their time against before they even get to a job site.

Many innovative features will be coming to the TSheets and QuickBooks Online integration in the next couple of months. In other words, we are just getting started! For updates, stay connected with Accountex and contact the TSheets customer support team if you have any questions. We’d love to hear from you!