We are excited to announce the launch of QuickBooks® Online Advanced, a new cloud-based offering designed for high-growth businesses. By bringing together its 3.4 million online customers, QuickBooks Online Advanced leverages the vast data and information within the QuickBooks ecosystem, applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to serve up insights and patterns that help growing companies better run their business.

QuickBooks Online Advanced provides an advantage for these growing and more complex businesses at an attractive price point, filling a gap not yet met in the market. Built on an open platform, businesses have access to hundreds of third-party applications, such as online bill pay and inventory management, that can easily be added and custom fit to meet their needs. QuickBooks disrupts and innovates by delivering a flexible solution that is tailor-made for businesses at this stage of growth, versus rigid mid-market software that overserve with the wrong functionality.

In addition, QuickBooks Online Advanced includes Intuit’s® premium service program, QuickBooks Priority Circle®. This personalized service provides a dedicated Customer Success Manager, a single and consistent point of contact ready to assist small businesses with their technical and product questions.

“Intuit has been helping small businesses grow for decades, and we are often one of the first partners a new business chooses in their journey,” said Alex Chriss, senior vice president and chief product officer, small business self-employed group at Intuit. “As these businesses grow, many are faced with the decision to move off our platform, forced to transition to the next level of enterprise software that is both expensive and too complex for their needs. Not only does this involve the transfer of data, but it also requires learning a whole new system to run their accounting. We can now serve customers who are self-employed all the way to those with hundreds of employees and a high volume of transactions.”

Benefits to Drive Productivity for Complex Businesses

QuickBooks is already providing features to delight growing small businesses, with the successful launches of project tracking and billing, progress invoicing, and custom price list support for small businesses channels. The new QuickBooks Online Advanced product brings all the features of our most popular small business software solution, QuickBooks Online Plus, as well as enhanced services to make it the perfect fit for up-market customers, including:

QuickBooks Priority circle membership. Priority Circle is a QuickBooks’ membership program that includes a dedicated Customer Success Manager, a single point of contact ready to assist small businesses with their technical and product questions. Priority Circle also comes equipped with additional benefits, including:

  • Priority care: Premium small business customer care service, which ensures Priority Circle customers are routed towards the front of customer care queues and directs them to top QuickBooks Care experts tailored to their unique small business needs.
  • Complimentary training: QuickBooks Online Advanced users will receive five complimentary online training courses for QuickBooks*, an offering valued at $2000, designed to help small businesses get the most out of the features and capabilities in the product.

Expanded user bare. As businesses scale and grow from small- to medium-sized businesses, more user access is often required to service their growth. The new QuickBooks Online Advanced allows for up to 25 users on the solution.

Other important features to be released soon include:

  • Import invoices functionality, which will increase productivity by importing hundreds of invoices created outside of QuickBooks.
  • Custom user permissions, which applies unique employee permissions to manage data access and delegate individual’s use of product features for optimized productivity. More features and benefits will be added to the product over the coming months.

Customers Growing With QuickBooks Online Advanced

“As a mobile automotive repair company, all of our employees are remote and need access to QuickBooks to create and send invoices,” said Don Smith, CEO of Elite Electronics. “When we reached 90 employees, my CPA noticed we were outgrowing QuickBooks. I connected with the QuickBooks team and they recommended transitioning from QuickBooks Online to the new QuickBooks Online Advanced. QuickBooks was with me every step of the transition and ensured the process was pain-free. The level of attention, support and care that I receive with QuickBooks is what has kept me a very loyal customer for more than 12 years, and it is great that QuickBooks has been able to grow with my business.”

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