Intuit’s QuickBooks Online is giving Estimates and Invoices a makeover. It has been giving some customers a new experience and getting feedback. It wanted to know how the new Estimates and Invoices could help users land jobs, keep work moving and get paid faster.

Because some features aren’t available yet in the new estimates and invoices, and it still is building out features in the new experience, QBO is letting those users who have the new experience switch back to the old way of doing things if they need those features to run their business.

The new Estimates and Invoices are built on an enhanced tech platform for faster feature delivery. In addition, it will feature PayPal and Venmo payment methods along with other available methods. 

Another aspect of the new Estimates and Invoices will be “single line” items, where all the information related to your product/service items appears on a single line.

Users will have access to multiple views for Estimates and invoices. They will be able to see the edit view while creating the Estimate or Invoice and easily switch to an “email view” to see how the Estimate or Invoice will appear as an email. 

They can just as easily switch to either a PDF view or the Payor view to see what the recipient will see when they are looking at an Invoice, for example, and about to pay it.

Intuit believes the new Estimates and Invoices offer improved discovery, more straightforward navigation, and simplified customization. In addition, the current opt-out rate is only 7%, which continues to decline with each new release of enhancements to those currently using the enhancements and providing feedback.

About 50% of subscribers will be using the new experience by this summer, but will still be able to switch from the new experience to the old experience as additional functionality continues to be added.

By fall 2023, Intuit estimates that at least 80% of QBO subscribers in most SKUs should be working on the new experience with all the features and functionality.   

If all goes as planned, all QBO subscribers should be migrated to the new Estimate/Invoice experience by the end of 2023. 


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