Source: Insightful Accountant      Author: Liz Scott

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In week 2 of Liz Scott’s series of top apps for QuickBooks Online she reviews Bill.com

While I typically write about what’s new or tips when it comes to QBO, I started this new miniseries to give you my own Top 10 when it comes to apps that connect with QuickBooks Online. I’m not listing my 10 apps in any particular order, I’m just trying to give you the apps I have found that create synergy and save time.

This week, I’m focusing on the new integrated QBO Online Bill Pay powered by Bill.com, which is an app actually inside of QuickBooks Online. New QBO Bill Pay is total integration with Bill.com This isn’t your grandma’s Bill.com app. This new integration is happening inside of QBO, or at least it seems. Just take a look at the all new QBO Bill payment screen with ACH payment functionality.

My 10 Favorite Apps - Week 2 – QBO Online Bill Payments


What is QuickBooks Online Bill Pay powered by Bill.com?

Bill.com and QuickBooks Online have teamed up to provide an in-product integration that will give users the ability to pay their bills online within QBO. This makes it easy to manage the cash flow, because the incoming and outgoing money is all tracked in one place.

Every action happens inside of QBO. This means a user never needs to log into another system. Now you can create the Bill in QBO and pay the Bill in QBO, even though the behind-the-scenes magic occurs via Bill.com.

How does Bill Pay powered by Bill.com work?

Once a bill is created in QBO the Master & Company Administrator, users can pay bills directly […]