Where is the Menu to Record a Payment from a Customer?

Where is the Menu to Record a Payment from a Customer?


Recording a customer payment

When a customer pays on an invoice, receive the payment in QuickBooks Online using the steps below.

Note: In QuickBooks Online, we record a payment only when the customer was given an invoice. If you didn’t invoice your customer for an amount they paid you, you should enter a sales receipt or a deposit instead of a payment.

  • For a sales receipt: choose Plus Sign (+) > Sales Receipt
  • For a deposit: choose Plus Sign (+) > Bank Deposit

Receive Payment on an Invoice:

  1. Choose Plus sign (+) > Receive Payment.
  2. Enter the name of the Customer.
  3. Enter the AmountPmt Method, and the Reference no.   If recording a payment by ACH, NEFT or another direct method you can choose Add New from the drop-down, label the method ACH or another term of your liking and make a note in the reference number field.
  4. Make sure that the correct invoice is checked. You can uncheck the wrong invoice and check the correct one manually if necessary.
    1. You can use a filter for a date range on the Receive Payment page to limit the number of open invoices that are displayed.
  5. Choose to either Deposit To your checking/Cheque account directly or to Undeposited funds, which will put it in the Bank Deposit screen to batch together with others.
  6. Click Save.

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