To help create a more robust platform that serves accountants and small business owners globally, Intuit QuickBooks® has launched a dedicated rest-of-world app store. The store allows developers to build apps that seamlessly integrate with the QuickBooks platform.

Intuit knows QuickBooks solves many of the macro pain points of accountants and SMBs, but there may be more specialized areas where assistance still is needed. By launching the rest-of-world app store, Intuit is encouraging developers to create niche solutions, effectively increasing the power of the QuickBooks platform.

Simultaneously, developers are able to capitalize on the QuickBooks brand and tap into a new market to garner more exposure. This also allows developers to tap into a customer base in 200-plus markets, representing millions of small businesses worldwide.

The new robust app store was created for all skill levels. Developers will find a variety of resources to understand what APIs are available to develop with, as well as a Sandbox to work from for testing. They also will have access to production keys to ensure the apps developed can easily integrate with the QuickBooks platform.

Developers are encouraged to explore the QuickBooks platform and identify areas where gaps may exist, and get creative on how to fill them, including for specific vertical industries.

All apps created and submitted to the platform will undergo technical, marketing and security reviews prior to going live. Once the app is ready, developers are able to customize what markets it is available within.

If the app was built with a specific country in mind, the developer could designate the availability to be limited to a certain region. If the app can be used broadly, it can be marked available globally. This gives creators the flexibility to be innovative in what they work on—offering the freedom to solve an issue for a specific market or address a pain point that’s universally experienced. 

Ultimately, by opening up the app store globally for developers to build within, QuickBooks is increasing the power of the platform to solve niche challenges, making lives easier for small businesses and the accountants that serve them. 

Those interest in the rest-of-world app store should visit this official Intuit website for more information.


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