Intuit published changes to the QuickBooks leadership team focused on accountants in its “Firm of the Future Blog”. It cited the purpose of the changes as a way to focus on helping accounting professionals grow their practices and scale their impacts on small businesses by assisting them to be more efficient, save time, and expand their knowledge and expertise of QuickBooks. 

The Blog went on to report that “to further accelerate globally our ability to develop and deliver the products and services you need to grow and scale, as well as drive even more connections with small businesses, we are expanding the team focused on delivering for ProAdvisors, accountants and bookkeepers.”

Intuit introduced Jeremy Sulzmann as Vice President and General Manager of the Intuit QuickBooks Partner Segment. Sulzmann reportedly has been part of the Intuit QuickBooks executive team for more than six years, leading the QuickBooks Self-Employed and Developer businesses.

His new role will be to lead the team responsible for driving product strategy, improvements, and innovations for accounting professionals and developers across the globe. This includes product improvements—specifically for accountants—via QuickBooks Online Accountant and the ProAdvisor Program, and those across the QuickBooks platform that help accountants improve their workflows and deliver insights to be strategic advisors to their clients.

The Blog also reported that Ted Callahan, Intuit’s Accountant Segment Leader, now is part of Jeremy’s Partners Segment team. He will continue to work closely with the accountant community, with a focus on representing accountant voices across the QuickBooks organization and communicating QuickBooks product changes to the accounting community. 

In a related news within the same blog post, Jessica McCracken, who previously worked at Intuit and once hosted the “QBO In the Know Webinars,” is returning to work as part of Ted Callahan’s community engagement team. She now will work with the QuickBooks Partner Council that recently saw seven new members welcomed.

You can read the entire Firm of the Future Blog post HERE.

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