If you have not taken full advantage of the edge that technology can provide, do we have an opportunity for you…..Future Forward 2022.  Following up on last year’s success, we have assembled another phenomenal group of speakers for our FREE, virtual conference scheduled for May 18-19.

Insightful Accountant‘s Future Forward 2022 Virtual Conference” provides everything you need to know—and more—about how technology can boost the productivity and profitability of your business and your day-to-day acumen.

Future Forward will not only show you how to maximize your investment in technology, but also how to identify and implement all of its potential. If you are looking for the key to accelerating your ROI, Future Forward is the place to be.

Register today and you can:

  • Learn about the latest app integrations for QuickBooks Online, Xero, advisory services and other client service workflows.
  • Understand how to profitably select and implement integrations that increase your firms profitability.
  • Make a plan to solve for key pain points using integrated apps 
  • Create an action plan for leveraging  an integrated tech stack and app stack in your firm.

And that’s not all. Attending the free virtual conference earns you up to 8 CPE credits, the “Insightful Accountant App Integration Acceleration Guide,” and access to all eight sessions.

Registration opens March 30 2022 at InsightfulAccountant.com.

Here’s your itinerary:

Day 1

Conference Kick-Off: Taking Stock of Your Tech Stack Post Tax Season

The end of tax season is the perfect time to evaluate your tax preparation workflow and make any changes to improve your practice this year and beyond. This panel discussion will identify common pain points in tax workflows and technologies that can help you address them.

Integration Acceleration for QBO

Learn new apps and integrations that can help your practice optimize the QuickBooks ecosystem.

Xero-ing In On Integrations

Advance your accounting practice to the next level with the latest apps and plugins for Xero accounting software. In this session, Sons of CPAs podcast host and enrolled agent, Scott Scarano and owner of Accounting Salon, Angela Aguillera will show you new tools and tactics to increase your firm’s capabilities, client base, and team collaboration using Xero.

Evaluating New Integrations: Hands-On Workshop

See how Insightful Accountant’s Top 100 ProAdvisor Community leverages integrations between tax and accounting software to maximize its technology ROI.

Day 2

Conference Kick-Off: Using Technology to Differentiate Your Client Experience

Client expectations and compliance requirements for data security have changed the game when it comes to the way accounting firms must serve their clients. Learn how technology is helping firms elevate their service level and create new efficiencies in key client-facing functions.

How-to Integration Workshop PART 2: Advisory Services

Learn how to leverage technology and create an advisory model that will help your firm scale and increase revenue opportunities with current and new clients.

Integrating Advisory Services Into Your Firm

Learn how to streamline and transform your compliance-based tax and accounting practice to create a profitable advisory practice using the Family Office Advisory Model created by Sean Duncan, CPA, Founder of SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC.

Tinker Time with Heather Satterly

How do you know when it’s time to make a change and how do you determine what changes you need to make to keep accelerating your firm’s growth and profitability? Heather Satterly will guide you through a step-by-step process so you can create an action plan for revamping your technology ecosystem. 

Insightful Accountant’s Top 100 ProAdvisor QBO Quick Tips

Learn quick tips and tricks to help you better integrate QuickBooks Online apps to benefit your firm, presented by Insightful Accountant’s Top 100 ProAdvisors Esther Friedberg-Karp, MB Raimondi and Sharrin Fuller. 

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