In this tutorial, we’re going to cover how to setup and send Sales Receipts in QuickBooks Online. Let’s begin!

What is a Sales Receipt?

A sales receipt is a document that provides customers with a detailed description of the products or services that they have purchased from you. If you receive a payment from a customer at the time of sale, then you would create a sales receipt in QuickBooks to record both the sale and payment.

When a sales receipt is created in QuickBooks, the accounts and financial statements are affected as follows:

Account AffectedImpact on AccountFinancial Statement
Checking accountIncreaseBalance Sheet
Income (Sales)IncreaseProfit & Loss

Below you will find a sample of a completed QuickBooks Online sales receipt for our fictitious company, Paul’s Plumbing.How to Create & Send Sales Receipts in QuickBooks Online


Why Should I Create a Sales Receipt in QuickBooks Online?

When you create a sales receipt in QuickBooks, you get two benefits:

  1. Your financial statements are updated in real-time to reflect the change in your income and bank account balances.
  2. You can email sales receipts to your customers directly from QuickBooks so that your customers have a detailed record of the products and services that they purchased from you.

    How Do I Create a Sales Receipt in QuickBooks Online?

    Step 1 – Navigate to Create Sales receipt

    From the Home page, below the Customers column […]