When it comes right down to it, there are good times and bad times in business—and very few in between.

The hope is that most of the time our small to medium businesses are experiencing good times. But in these days of rising costs, product shortages, labor issues and a not-so-sunny-skies-ahead forecast, we are more than likely going to see the bad times.

Now, more than ever, is when SMBs are looking to their Trusted Advisors for help, forecasts, and reasonable advice on what they should do to get them through the rough seas of inflation and possible tempest of a depression. 

One of the biggest reasons they need this guidance is that the vast majority of small businesses have never experienced these economic conditions. They were born out of an economic boom and grew up in one of the fastest growing economies ever experienced.

Now they are suddenly being thrust into reverse. They simply do not know what to do, so they are turning to you, their Trusted Advisor(s).

This Thursday, Dec. 1, at noon (EST), 11 a.m. (CST), I’m hosting an Insightful Accountant “Future Forward” session with Charles Nagel, founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Qvinci.

During that session, we will explain, demonstrate and even role-play our way through how Qvinci can help you be a better Trusted Advisor.

Find out:

  • When inflationary or recessionary pressures are impacting your clients’ bottom line
  • When they may need additional funding to tide themselves over during the bad times
  • When you need to help identify costs that must be trimmed or cut before the crisis obliterates your clients’ bottom line.

This is practical information about a hands-on tool you can use to not only project the good (the green) and bad (the red) of their financial situation, but also their trending finances based on their actual history under the influences of today’s inflationary pressures—and tomorrow’s potential recessionary impact.

With Qvinci’s What If tool, you can model a variety of scenarios to help impact almost every financial factor over time in your clients’ businesses. You can look at the impact of trimming cost-of-goods by reducing inventory-on-hand through decreasing reorders.

Or, you can examine operating expense reductions by trimming production costs or labor expenses. You can even see the results of increasing sales prices to boost revenues or taking out a loan to help weather the storm.

Charles Nagle and I will take you through all of these What If examples and show you the tremendous power of Qvinci, which has become the preferred reporting solution for QuickBooks Online-Advanced as of August 2022.

If you are a Trusted Advisor in need of a path to help your clients during these challenging times, or you want to enhance your value-added service offering to your SMB clients, you won’t want to miss this “Future Forward” session.

Please join us for this informative session, and learn how you and your clients can “future forward together with Qvinci.”


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This post originally appeared on
Insightful Accountant