A new program gives accountants a new way to provision, purchase, and manage top-rated Apps for your client, making it easy to take your firm to the next level with value billing. QuickBooks Online has recently launched a new program to help ProAdvisors add third-party apps to their wholesale billing account. With the launch there are eight showcased apps that they have chosen that will allow the ProAdvisor to add to their client’s QuickBooks Online.

A few things you need to know:

  1. These applications were chosen by popular vote by ProAdvisors. Ranking your favorite third-party application in the app store is important.
  2. Master admins of the firms can see the discounted pricing.
  3. The program began rolling out in March and is soon expected to be available to all QuickBooks Online Accountant users in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

I will walk you through the experience of this. For example, we are going to choose “Excel Transactions Importer and Deleter.”  While you are in the app store and select one of the above apps, or one that has the discount and green award in the top right corner, you will then get the next screen:

How QuickBooks Online Accountant Can Take Your Firm to the Next Level

From here you want to select “GET APP NOW.”

Once you select the third party application, this screen appears. From here you select whether you are going to install it for Your Firm’s QuickBooks Online file (the first choice) or, most likely, Install for Your Client. Below the second option you will be given a dropdown to select from your list of clients. After you choose your client,  click the Install button at the bottom for another set of options.

After the customer is chosen, if the first option is selected, the firm is billed with the discount along with the other wholesale billing charges. If you select it for the client, it’s charged directly to the client with no discount.

The system will prorate the fee to adjust to the beginning of the next month’s billing. In this example, the next full bill will start 3/1/18. At this point, agree to terms and place an order.

Once the payment is successful, it will email you a receipt.

The next step is to Activate the app. It’s all connected!!

Then you have to authorize in order to connect the application to your client’s QuickBooks Online data file.

This is an example of the application connected with the QuickBooks Online file.

The accounting firm can manage all these apps from their wholesale client screen. There is a new tab called “Manage discounted apps.”

From this next screen, you can toggle between each of your clients to see which third-party applications you are paying for. There is an action tab where you can switch the billing to the client. When the client picks up the subscription, it will no longer be discounted.

As this new program rolls out and expands to other countries, you will see more applications being added to the options. This is a great way to bundle your valued pricing along with a more robust solution.

I hope you join us at Accountex 2018 and share more ideas on how to use the best features for QuickBooks to grow your business. Feel free to share other tips and tricks here.