Editor’s Note: In a recent Insightful Accountant audience study, we asked some members of the 2021 Top 100, including the “ProAdvisor of the Year” – Mariko Hayashi-Hall, to give us some of the strategies they use to stay on top of their games. Following is another in a series of their insights—information you can use to help set the blueprint for your practice’s strategy.

In a recent audience study, 53% of the respondents stated that “Keeping Up With Technology” is one of their most pressing challenges. How do you keep up with changes impacting your firm and/or clients?

Alicia Katz Pollock, RoyalWise Solutions Inc: I do as much hands-on work as I can with my own QBO bookkeeping and while working with clients. This enables me to see what is new in software as soon as it is released. I like to send out “Look What I Found!” announcements on the social media channels to help my clients know what to expect.

Nancy D’Amato, The Bottom Line: I review all tech articles that cross my desk, especially from Insightful Accountant and Karbon. This helps me decide if I need to investigate further for either my company, my clients or both. 

Susan Cook, Account Ability Consulting: I like to read industry newsletters and attend industry conferences to catch up on the latest information.

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