We opened our own version of an Exhibit Hall yesterday by giving you eight apps to check out in the QuickBooks App Store. Now we want to give you eight more apps that extend the capability of QuickBooks for small- and mid-market businesses.

If you have specific needs to plug into QBO to help with accounting accuracy, automated payments, data management, inventory or reporting, you’ll want to check these apps out.

For example, I recently wrote a review of Finale Inventory that can resolve the inventory related deficiencies in QBO. 

And, my life as a Homeowners Association President will be so much easier once I get HOALife connected to our HOA QuickBooks Online account. 

Have you checked out the number crunching analytics dashboard that’s the central focus of sproutAnalytics. 

I don’t know which, if any, of these apps might be participating in SNH23, but we have them with a lot fewer steps to take in our virtual “App Aware: Exhibit Hall.”

  • Centime – Automate accounts receivable, accounts payable and cash management
  • eMailACheck – Send, receive and deposit checks instantly using QuickBooks
  • Finale Inventory – Centralize real-time inventory control with a cloud-based software platform for multi-channel eCommerce sellers, distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers, and warehouse management companies. You also see Insightful Accountant’s review of Finale Interview HERE.
  • HOALife – Manage homeowners association operations with a QuickBooks integration designed for HOAs and condominium communities
  • QuoteMachine – Create customized sales documents and track progress, sync pricing with your point of sale, reserve inventory for orders and set payment terms, all from one place
  • sproutAnalytics – Analyze invoices, products, customers, expenses, time activity, employees, projects, estimates, journals, and more
  • WellyBox – Automatically discover receipts from your email, organize them digitally, and add the extracted data to QuickBooks


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