With March 15 as the official start of the formal application process for the Top 100 process, this likely will be the last of my Tips and Tricks for 2023. I already have written about the new experience within the App and Ecosystem section for our domestic applicants in one of my “Getting Ready for Top 100” features at the end of December.

So, because I didn’t discuss the international experience in that article, I thought it would be fair to do before March 15.

This year, as part of completely revising the Top 100 Formal Application, Insightful Accountant migrated back to an experience of pre-defining apps rather than asking you to fill in the apps you use. One of the major reasons was poor applicant handwriting and, in some cases, apps listed that we couldn’t identify. 

To provide the new experiences for both domestic and international applicants, we spent hours creating (and asking ProAdvisors to review) two app lists for 2023. These lists are based on the highest-rated apps in the QBO App Stores (for all Intuit Regions) for our international participants and from both the QBO App Store and QBD App Store for our Domestic participants.

From an international applicant’s standpoint, this section begins when you are asked to again specify if you are a domestic or international ProAdvisor.

Be aware that the selection you make changes the subsequent experience.

While we recognize many International ProAdvisors may hold US Certifications (or are co-certified), we provided for that elsewhere in the application process. This section is a bit different.   

We highly recommend that International ProAdvisors who practice primarily outside the US select the “International” option rather than the US ProAdvisor one—even if they are certified (or co-certified) in the US. This is because many of the apps in the US listing do not apply (or may not even be available) to QuickBooks users outside the US.

Furthermore, because the International App list was made from all Intuit App stores, some apps may not be available (or even familiar) to you in your country or Intuit Region.

Still, we were trying to produce a list that was somewhat all-inclusive of the “most used and most popular” apps across the globe.

If applicants select the International option, they have a list of sixty apps to review and advise regarding their interaction with those apps.

We want to know if you

  1. Personally use the app
  2. Have clients using the app
  3. Have a referral arrangement/agreement with the App (app developer)
  4. Are a reseller/wholesaler of the app
  5. Are certified in the app
  6. Are an authorized implementer of the app (If you no longer use the app, select the N/A option – No Longer Applicable).

You can select as many answers for each app as apply to your relationship with the app, but you must select at least one answer for at least one of the apps, even if that one answer is N/A. You are not required to choose an answer for each app.

I cannot imagine any ProAdvisor, regardless of country of practice, not finding at least two or three of the 60 apps in our list within their own app stack of personal use, recommendations to their clients or apps with which they actively practice QuickBooks integration.

Anyway, the good news is that once you have finished this page, you automatically are taken to the last page of the formal application. This is our sponsor’s and final question page.

Wow, you are nearly done.

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