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So my name is Zuri Harris and the company is FundThrough Inc. So FundThrough is a tech enabled invoice financing company. The way that we work is with small businesses that invoice much larger businesses. So for example, a small business can invoice Walmart, Walmart chooses when that small business will get paid.

What we do is we advance the small business and then wait for Walmart to pay us directly with a flat fee. Yeah, so what we give the accounting community is a way to give advisory services to their users so they can advise them on cash flow issues and growth. So when they realize that their clients are about to reach a cash flow problem, they can use us and we can actually interject and give them those funds that they need.

And also how we help with growth is they’re able to take on larger projects, in the middle of waiting to get receivables from other clients. So the upside for the client is they no longer have these cash flow issues. They also don’t have to choose between growth and waiting.

So because we’ve got them financially, so we currently integrate with Sage Intact and also of course QBO.

If you’d like to reach out to us, you can go to www.FundThrough.com. That’s it. 

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