ForwardAI is a data metrics and analytics app that gives you financial details straight from the source, allowing you to provide better advisory services to your clients.

With ForwardAI, you can stop relying on spreadsheets to collect and analyze business financial insights the old fashioned way I wrote about more than 13 years ago (check it out HERE). You will get secure business information analyzed by ForwardAI and turned into crucial financial data points. You also will gain insights based on analysis of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), yielding valuable predictions of forward-looking finances.

ForwardAI’s direct integrations to leading accounting software allows you to expand your financial advisory services by offering better services, including immediate responses to risky situations or client inquiries.

In addition, its “Predict as a Service” tool allows you to provide enhanced services to your clients. This cash-flow portal performs powerful forecasting, which enables clients to visualize their financial futures. 

ForwardAI integrates with QuickBooks (QBO), FreshBooks, Zoho Books, Sage Business Cloud, MS Dynamics 365, MYOB, Xero, Sage Intacct and Oracle NetSuite. (Note: Additional integrations may exist or are in the pipeline, but are not commonly used by Insightful Accountant’s readership.)

Using ForwardAI, your clients will know when a cash flow gap is approaching so they can better prepare their business. As a trusted advisor, you can increase the chances of your clients’ businesses staying healthy by simplifying cash flow for their businesses.

At the same time, you also will grow their trust in your brand and continue to grow their relationship with you.

ForwardAI offers historical data up to three years in the past, cash flow forecasts daily and weekly for up to a year, and monthly cash flow forecasts for up to three years. Think of the help you will afford your clients when you provide them with a 12-month financial forecast that proactively identifies their cash flow gaps.

In addition, you can help your clients make better decisions by offering scenario planning projections as part of your advisory services using ForwardAI. It does not matter if your client wants to make new capital equipment investments, staffing changes or acquire a loan; ForwardAI can precisely compute how the client’s business will be impacted.  

It is easy to set up and compare cash flow projections based on different financial scenarios. This allows you to give your clients “informed options” as part of a plan that will suit their business best.

As much as clients like trustworthy advice, they love trustworthy options.

When it comes right down to it, ForwardAI is one of the easiest financial forecasting apps on the market, but it also is one of the most sophisticated. You can quickly analyze, investigate the scope of data, predict and simulate “what if” scenarios.

In addition, the one-way sync of financial data from the accounting (or other) source means you never have to worry about compromising any of the actual financial data—it remains secure on the original cloud server just where it was.

Suppose you are interested in becoming your clients’ proactive business analysis advisor. In that case, explore ForwardAI, the financial analysis app for forward-looking finances by forward-looking financial advisors.

For more information, visit the ForwardAI website. You also can find out more at the ForwardAI landing page in the QuickBooks App Store.

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