There was a ‘chili’ commercial years ago that asked you, “when was the last time you had a big steaming bowl of chili?” The catch phrase “Well, that’s too long!” immediately followed the question. 

Now we seem to have similar questions arising from the ranks of Intuit. 

If Intuit is not asking you to upload your latest copy of Government issued Drivers License or Passport simply because you inserted a ‘comma’ in your ProAdvisor Profile, then they are asking you to qualify yourself by confirming your QBOA Company ID number.

If you haven’t already encountered a situation where Intuit asks you to provide your QBOA (Accountant) Company ID, they soon will.

Because apparently, in their way of thinking, “It’s been too long” since you last did (kind of like that last bowl of chili).

More and more of their inquiries or responses to their survey or information requests include asking ProAdvisors for this ID number (like the one shown below).

I’ve been asked to provide this number several times in the last three months, and the last two times, the number has been required to submit the information requested (as indicated by the red * [asterisk] in the above example.)

So, you may be asking, “Where do I find it?”

This short article is intended to answer that question.

I wish I could say that this number is something other than just another way Intuit digitizes us for the ‘great AI in the Cloud’, but I can’t. 

We did have ProAdvisor numbers (issued sequentially based on when you entered the ProAdvisor Program). They were once visible as part of the Find-a-ProAdvisor URL for each ProAdvisor’s profile, but I really haven’t been able to find that number in my own profile for several years now, and it no longer shows up in the URL.

Of course, I tend not to get into my ProAdvisor Profile very often anymore, because if you ever have to hit save to close it, then “Big Brother ‘I’ in the sky” will pop up a message telling you that you must upload your government issued ID before they will make your Profile active again. 

But it seems that this QBOA Company number is apparently more dynamic than that, because it’s also apparently be used in link different ProAdvisors to the ‘team’ function within QBO-Accountant. Which I akin to the way ranchers tag their cattle herds with different colors of ‘ear tags.’

Since you are getting ever increasingly likely to be asked, let’s discuss “where to find this ID.”

  • Log in to your QuickBooks Online Accountant account.
  • In the left-hand navigation bar, select ProAdvisor
  • Make sure that you are on the ‘Benefits’ tab
  • Just under the word Benefits, which is under the word ProAdvisor, you will see the name of your QuickBooks Online Company.  (In the example below, mine shows RRR, Ltd.)
  • Just right of your Company name, your Firm ID is listed.  (In the example below, I have redacted it and placed a ‘call-out’ with the typical number format… four numerals (space), four numerals (space), and one or two numerals.

This is the number Intuit requests when they want your QBOA Company ID.

So, the next time you are filling out some form for Intuit online and they ask you for your QBOA Company ID, you’ll know where to find it. 

You won’t know why, but they will!


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