For an introduction to this month’s series on analytics and reporting apps, give Murph’s brief history of business analysis “the old way” a read HERE.

Fathomall-in-one reporting, analysis and forecasting—is a financial analysis and management reporting tool designed to help you to assess your business performance, monitor trends and identify opportunities for business improvement.

With Fathom, creating insightful analytics, reports and dashboards has never been easier. That’s because Fathom seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Online to begin transforming your accounting data into actionable business intelligence and visual performance reports.

Fathom provides a suite of in-depth analysis tools and metrics, which help you see exactly how well your business is performing.

  • Fathom enables you to measure and monitor the financial and non-financial metrics that matter most to your business
  • These tools and metrics help to assess profitability, cash flow, growth and other key performance indicators (KPIs)

Whether you call it business intelligence, performance management or analytics, the goal of Fathom is the same: to help you understand what’s happening in your business and how to act when needed.

Whether reporting to lenders or updating your management team, Fathom has your reporting needs covered. Easily create and customize monthly, quarterly and annual reports. Create custom management reports and share business results in a clear and compelling way.

  • Easily design management reports for print or web in minutes, not hours
  • Bring text, charts, tables and financials statements together in one report using Fathom’s simple report editor
  • Put your reporting on autopilot by scheduling reports for timely delivery whenever they are “reportable”
  • Build report templates to share and reuse across all your clients

Fathom lets you achieve clarity and confidence about your future finances with cash-flow forecasting. Its three-way cash-flow forecasting accurately projects Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash-flow Statements.

  • Get started quickly and easily using current financial information and your existing budget in order to build your cash-flow forecast
  • Look to the future with confidence to see the impact of your plans
  • Micro-forecasting makes it easy to see the financial impact of any new initiatives or situations
  • Drill down into every figure in your cash-flow forecast to see exactly where the numbers come from
  • Evaluate different scenarios to determine what needs to happen with your business

Fathom also helps you group related companies together to create consolidated reports for an organization. This makes it great for franchises and multi-entity organizations.

  • Eliminate the errors and simplify the complex task of advanced consolidation involving inter-company or multi-currency transactions
  • Fathom even brings together data from different accounting systems, and sources like QuickBooks, Xero and Excel so they can be consolidated for reporting purposes
  • You can even compare, rank and benchmark your companies, clients or franchisees

If you are a business advisor, accountant, bookkeeper or work with software like QuickBooks or Xero, you may want to consider the Fathom Advisor program. Fathom offers this free, simple and easy solution to implement it into your practice, including the ability to get certified in the product. 

Fathom gives you the tools you need to propel the growth and profitability of your business and your clients.

For more information, head over to the Fathom website. While you are there, consider signing up for a free trial.

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