Daisy Flowers has been using QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) for over 10 years, knowing it inside and out. But, after converting her business over to QuickBooks Online (QBO), Daisy felt lost because the QBD Home Page was missing. For years, the Home Page was the first thing that Daisy saw upon logging in into QBD, and she could use it to perform almost every task she needed, all from one convenient location. Now, that the Home Page is gone, Daisy doesn’t know what to do anymore. How was she going to enter her bills, receive her customer’s payments, record bank deposits, and reconcile her bank accounts? She shuddered at the thought of clicking link after link just for something as simple as entering a vendor bill. However, Daisy shouldn’t panic, because all the actions that Daisy was used to performing in QBD are available and easy-to-find in QBO. Today, I’ll show you and Daisy the experienced QuickBooks Desktop user’s guide to getting around in QuickBooks Online.

Getting familiar with QuickBooks Online

Everything starts with a solid foundation. And, the best way for Daisy to start is by learning how to get around QBO 2017. Most of the actions from the QBD Home Page are performed from the Quick Create Icon (that’s the + icon which turns into an X).
In this post, I will be showing you and Daisy how to perform tasks primarily using the Quick Create Icon. This is the quickest shortcut for most tasks in QBO, but the same task can be performed multiple ways in QBO, just as it can in QBD. Keep Reading   

source: 5 Minute Bookkeeping