We want to make you ‘App Aware’ of eight (8) new apps you may want to check out in the QuickBooks App Store.

Each of these new apps extends the capability of QuickBooks for small and mid-market businesses by addressing needs related to accounting accuracy, automated payments, data management, inventory, and reporting.

  • Campaigns – Automatically sync customer data from QuickBooks Online to send targeted, multichannel email campaigns.
  • Datarails – Automate data consolidation, reporting, and planning, while enabling continued use of Excel spreadsheets and financial models.
  • Equility – Automatically match transactions from your QuickBooks register to bank statements and identify any duplicate or missing transactions.
  • Fix Uncategorized – Identify uncategorized transactions in QuickBooks Online and send notifications to clients for receipts and other information.
  • MakeGood Revenue Recovery – Convert invoices to cash quickly and offer your customers easy ways to pay with your company-branded payment portal.
  • Proposals – Create high-converting digital proposals, engage clients with a clear scope of work, and get paid on time with automated payment collection.
  • ServiceBox – Manage quotes, work orders, invoices, inventory, payments, and timesheets, as well as scheduling and dispatch, with full-featured software designed for service companies.
  • Unloop Connect – Amazon sellers can accurately record accounting transactions in QuickBooks Online.

Be on the watch for our next App Aware with ‘eight more apps’ from the QuickBooks App Store.


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